Firefly Vaporizer [Detailed Review] 2024

With such a variety of vaporizers available in the market, potential buyers are bound to be confused while choosing the most effective brand. Along with high-quality models, there are plenty of rip-off products. To help you out, we have tried and tested a popular vape; the Firefly Vaporizer.

About Waterless Vaporizers:

Vaporizers are machines that convert liquid extracts, concentrates, and dry herbs to vapors we can inhale. There are just two types of vaporizers in the market; steam and waterless.

Steam vaporizers are used for treating congestion, nosebleeds, and throat infections. They are also used to moisturize the surrounding air. They work by boiling water at extreme temperatures and can work with dissolved extracts.

Waterless vaporizers are the ones used for recreational and medicinal uses as they create vapors from dry extracts spread across a moisturized pad fixed inside their body. They can also be effective aromatherapeutic devices.

Why choose a Vaporizer?

Environmentally Friendly:

Vaporizers are more environmentally friendly than smoking. This is because of they don’t combust the cannabis and release smoke in the air. Instead, they heat it to the boiling temperature so the cannabis can releaseits vapors.

Economically Friendly:

Vaporizers are a better option economically as they prevent wastage of the leftover cannabis. Smoking a blunt combusts much of cannabis for fuel that could’ve been useful. Vaporizers don’t burn up the herbs.


Vaporizers are a stylish and classy way to smoke. They don’t produce sharp odor which means you can hide them around family or friends. Vaporizers also come in colors and models that look cool in photos.


Vaporizers are smart devices. They can control temperature according to the drug being used and they have proper bowls, filters and lids to ensure most vapors are trapped.


Vaporizers are a cleaner way. They don’t produce a burning smell that can cause irritation. They are less damaging to the lungs. They can be thoroughly cleaned and the vapors produced have greater natural flavor.

About Firefly:

Firefly was founded by Sasha Robinson and Mark Williams in 2012 with a goal to create an innovative piece of technology that can contribute to the comfort of their customers. Their goal was accomplished when the Firefly Vaporizer received massive praise for being one of the best portable vapes. Hundreds of customers and critics including New York Times appreciated the brand.  

Firefly has continued to introduce newer and better devices with the release of different vape products including a successor in Firefly 2. Their belief in enjoying life with careful use of substances makes their company move forward with better inventions!

The Firefly Vaporizer:



The sleek and gorgeous vaporizer comes with many accessories that improve your vaping experience. These include a spacious travel bag, five cleaning picks, five replacement screens, cleaning wipes and multi-sided brush.

Fast Heating:

The Firefly vaporizer heats very quickly. With just a simple press of a button, it is super easy to use and heats till 400°F in under 7 seconds. This means it can be used quickly anywhere, anytime you want to vape!

Flavorful Vapor:

This is the largest reason of attraction towards the Firefly vape; the taste is just too good. The heating never burns the cannabis to release undesirable smoke but heats just enough to produce the most flavorful vapors. These vapors are best when slowly inhaled, and they can make you forget the bad days of smoking joints! Just remember there will be trial and error with powering for a certain amount of time.

Quality Design:

Despite the weight and size, the design contains high quality materials which will never disappoint while using. The body is made of stainless steel and borosilicate glass. The vapor bowl is made of ceramic superalloy. These materials not just give durability, but perfect heating. It is also available in different colors.


Short Battery Life:

Although charging the device 100% just takes 45 minutes, the device loses its battery in that much time. Not just that, it can run out in just 2-3 fully heated whiffs. This short battery life is dealt with in Firefly 2, but for the original, it’s just too short for anyone who likes to vape for a bigger part of their day.

Bigger Size and Weight:

While this may not be exactly a big drawback, but it’s still worth mentioning. Firefly vape is the size of a normal mobile phone and has a higher weight of 278 grams that doesn’t really make it ideal for pockets. This weight is due to the ceramic superalloy bowl.

Expensive Rate:

Firefly Vaporizer is actually quite expensive compared to other portable vaporizers as it costs around $270. The features can be achieved through a vaporizer that costs $100 and with an additional $60, Firefly 2 can be purchased. It is a good long-term investment, but not catering to the audience on a shorter term as it comes with a 5 year warranty!

Standard Temperature:

One more downside of using the Firefly vaporizer is one temperature setting. This default 400°F cannot be raised or lowered. The device heats up in just 5 seconds and produces clouds from the same heat. While the temperature is standardized for not combusting nor being too cool, a range of temperatures helps in selection.

How to Use:

The Firefly comes with a rather vague manual. First of all, a powerful magnet holds the lid together which requires force to open it. The power button is on the right side of the body which triggers a green light on pressing.

The heating button is on the left side which heats till 400°F. No matter how long you hold the button for, it will only heat for 30 seconds a session. You can either preheat the vaporizer or put your dry herbs in beforehand. Just remember that for the best results, you should go for fine and dry powder.

As for cleaning, it is necessary daily and preferably done after every long session to clear build-up in the bowl and glass. The accessories with the model work well for cleaning.

Final Thoughts:

Firefly is a vaporizer to consider when looking for a smoking buddy. It has quite a few perks which give it a good value in the market

Of course, there are a lot of downsides as well. Its incredibly short battery life, bigger size and lack of temperature adjustments lead to frustration among its users. Those issues might have been dealt with in Firefly 2 or 2+, but for the original, it’s far from ideal.

To conclude, we barely recommend this vape. It is good for the casual user who vapes once or twice a day and takes a few whiffs, but it’s definitely not the best for heavy users of marijuana and weed.

It was exceptionally revolutionary when it came out, but now it is beat by its own remodel. It still produces one of the best flavors out of all others, however!

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