4 Best Cheap Vape Pen Starter Kits in 2024 (For Dry Herbs, Wax & Oil)

We have grown past old cigarettes and cigars. With technological advancement, cigarettes have changed into vapes. These new e-cigarettes (1) are also known as vaporizers.

But with the new change, it does not really mean that you should spend thousands on this new technology. There are both kinds available in the market, the extremely expensive ones and the cheap ones.

You just have to find the right one for yourself and you are good to go. The advancement and innovations in the new herbal industry which works hand in hand with these vapes have created new cheap vaporizers. These vapes can easily satisfy the need of their users.

With the development and vital increase in the growth of the vaping industry; the more items are launched and introduced to the customers, it affects the cost more.

Sometimes, when users go behind a brand or a big name in this industry, they purchase such an expensive product that they are unable to buy a new product in a long while.

The manufactures focus on quality now as the massive fall in the demand for these vapes has made them affordable for the new users. We have gathered a few vape pens in this article that are the best cheap vape pens of 2024.


A fiercely moderate first raid into redesigned vape pens, the G Slim vape pen is a straightforward vape that capacities precisely as it should.

This circumspect, low profile vape is all dark, actualizing smooth, exquisite plan in a remarkable vape gadget at a low venture cost which is the reason it’s among the best vape pens for 2024.

The G Slim e-liquid vape pen comes as a starter unit without fluid, anyway there is bounty this little dynamo is prepared to do.

Does the G Slim vape fluid, as well as there are 510 strung cartridges accessible to vape any sort of materials or concentrates. In detail, this gadget can serve as your favored gadget for use with prefilled oil or wax cartridges for homegrown concentrates.

In any case, its set temperature for fluids may vaporize different materials somewhat hotter than favored, conceivably near consuming them.

Back to the fluid particular cartridge. The G Slim e-liquid vape pen is refillable with your favored vape juice or fluid and has a coordinated 0.6ml tank with a review window to monitor how much material you have cleared out.

It is USB battery-powered, through an included remote dock and is sufficiently lightweight to be an ideal swap for your locally acquired e-cigs.

In the event that you’ve been on the chase for a simple to utilize vape pen redesign that won’t put a gouge in your wallet, the G Slim vape pen is the ideal trade for your expendable gadgets.

It’s moderate, effective, smaller, and attentive, the best of all vape pens in one stunning gadget.


The H20 Splash across the board vape pen from Mig Vapor is a solid, smaller pocket vaporizer that is as simple to use as it is to keep up.

With a wellspring of AIO vape mods clearing the e-cig to advertise, Mig Vapor has made a great little unit to suit the requirements of the scope of vapers.

Most importantly, the H20 Splash AIO is a shoddy sub-ohm vape pen, which implies it produces mind-blowing vapor for how little it is.

The particular, replaceable 0.6-ohm loop take wrenches off fulfilling vapor mists with each puff while holding exceptional flavor for the effortlessness of the building. Each draw on the Splash draws from the gadgets accessible 30 watts.

The H20 Splash All in One has a worked-in USB battery-powered 1500 mAh battery. It’s a lot of both power and charges for an expanded measure of vaping for the duration of the day.

All things considered, the H20 Splash is ideal for tenderfoot vapers who need an early on gadget to sub-ohm vaping, or notwithstanding for experienced clients searching for a supplemental unit for voyaging or a night on the town.

Mig Vapor’s H20 Splash has a worked-in survey window that demonstrates how much fluid is in the 2ml incorporated vape tank.

The whole gadget is covered in a strong froth material which copies as both a defensive layer if there should be an occurrence of drops and an agreeable surface to clutch for broadened times of utilization.

Taking all things together, the Mig Vapor H20 Splash AIO is a strong venture for all levels of clients searching for a tough, minimized gadget equipped for sub-ohm vapor creation.


Get the best vape for your buck with the Trap Pod nic salt vape pen from Mig Vapor.

This conservative unit mod framework unites the most famous qualities of the best-reduced e-cigs into one particular vape starter pack that blows mists around rivalries like the Juul e-cig and Phix vape pen.

For a little e-cigarette fit for drawing out hearty vapor utilizing both nicotine salt arrangement and standard vape juice of your picking, you won’t locate superior esteem.

At generally a large portion of the cost of practically identical unit mods, the Trap Pod is likewise among the most effortless to utilize, keep up and work.

Mig Vapor incorporated auto draw innovation with relating LED marker lights that let clients know precisely how charged the battery is both when it’s working and in addition charging.

For an extraordinary Juul elective that enables clients to redo their vape juice flavor and nicotine levels, the Mig Vapor Trap Pod beats each other smaller e-cig we’ve attempted.

In the event that you’ve been scanning for the perfect electronic cigarette to do the change to vaping, this small unit vape framework is the ideal substitution to help clients of all encounters adjust to vapor.

Each Trap Pod holds approximately 1.5ml of e-liquid an incredible sum that gives an amazing measure of vaping before waiting to be refilled. Indeed, the inherent atomizer loop framework will give clients up to five full revolutions of e-juice before waiting to be supplanted.

Particularly, the swap vape cartridges for the Trap Pod are as reasonable as the framework guaranteeing clients never feel overpowered by the high costs of pre-filled cartridges.

What’s more, Mig Vapor makes an oil cartridge for the Trap Pod, which means this little vape pen can serve as a weed separate vaporizer also. At the cost point, you won’t locate a superior incentive than the Mig Vapor Trap Pod, and truly, at this value, we don’t generally want to scan for one.


Here’s an incredible vape pen that is shoddy for previous smokers, the Apollo Challenger pack is a lightweight vape pen that is a phenomenal swap for section-level cig-a-likes.

This gadget is a moment overhaul from the single utilized locally acquired vape gadgets with a bigger battery and cartomizer framework perfect for expanded use in a smaller outline.

Apollo’s Challenger pack accompanies two battery modules that are USB battery-powered with the goal that you’ll generally have one prepared to tear on.

The Extreme cartomizers which are sold for this gadget give up to 300 puffs every which is basically what might as well be called one and a half packs of cigarettes making this is a shabby and amazing incentive for new clients doing the switch. A LED pointer light on the end informs vapers when it is being utilized.

The dependable batteries and cartomizers are ideal for an entire day of vaping and each puff conveys a delightful billow of fulfilling vapor.

Accessible cartomizers (sold independently) are accessible in an expansive scope of nicotine doses and either tobacco or menthol flavors.

Also, Apollo offers clear cartridges for the Challenger making the flavor and nicotine measurements completely adaptable with your most loved favored vape juice.

In case you’re searching for a reasonable modest vape pen for vaping to successfully fulfill your longings this little starter unit is a strong initial step.

For a first-time vaper, the Challenger unit accompanies nearly all that you have to begin with the exception of the cartomizers which are sold independently.

Make your initial step a simple one, this item is certainly the best vape pen unit for shabby you in case you’re new.

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