Volcano Vaporizer [Updated Review] 2024

The dry wind is one of the more serious weather issues. Whether it is summer, fall or winter, the dry atmosphere can lead to unfavorable living conditions such as congestion, throat infections, and nosebleeds.

A solution to counter dry season is the use of vaporizers. These have become increasingly common in homes over the past few years, due to their efficaciousness against low humidity levels and their other fun benefits.

Vaporizers are not just there for steaming, they can very well be used for recreational drugs such as legal marijuana. This is also one of the largest uses of a vape. A good vaporizer is much more effective than burning the herbs.

The need for Vaporizers:

Vaporizers are generally manufactured to humidify and freshen the air. They are different compared to humidifiers in many ways, but the notable dissimilarity is the temperature of vapors. Humidifiers generally release cooler vapors in the air and cover a larger area, unlike Vaporizers which release heated steam and diffuse across a smaller area.

Vaporizers are also an effective treatment method. They can be used directly to remedy nasal congestion and coughs, while plant extracts or natural compounds can be infused in the water to fight against bacterial illnesses.

Vaporizers are used frequently for inhaling recreational drugs, and are a perfect product for any cannabis user, or can be the life of a party. They are far more versatile and effective than rolled cigars.


There are two types of Vaporizers available in the market:

Steam Vaporizers:

Steam vaporizers scald water to high temperatures and release the vapors as hot steam. The vapors then diffuse in the dry air and moisturize it.

The steam can be inhaled to regulate the respiratory process and clear blocked nose. Plant extracts can be added in the water as pads or infused for soothing fragrance, recreational or therapeutic benefits.

Waterless Vaporizers:

Waterless vaporizers have densely moisturized pads already fixed inside. The vapors they produce are from compounds like menthol or essential oils such as tea tree or lavender oil. It can either be inspired for aromatherapy or used as air freshener scents. Dry cannabis and other drugs can be placed on pads evenly for vaping as well.

Vaporizers make sure to maintain a healthy breathing pattern for children and adults. If there is any difficulty breathing, especially due to arid weather, vaporizers are the best solution! Vaporizers also take care of bad smoke from burning herbs by giving the best inhaling experience!

The Volcano Vaporizers:

Volcano Vaporizers are definitely one of the more popular vaping products in the market today, boasting hundreds of positive comments. Hence, we took it upon ourselves to review it for you!

About Volcano:

The Volcano Vaporizer has been manufactured manually by Storz & Bickel since its establishment in 2000. All of the products are made in Tuttlingen, Germany.

Storz & Bickel leads in the production of high-quality vaporizers with intriguing designs, features, and mechanisms. The vaporizers are certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Volcano Vaporizers are one of the best in the 21st century.

Volcano Classic:

The Volcano Classic features an analog design. The design doesn’t show the exact temperature, but numbers. The temperature chart for these numbers is given with the vaporizer. The vaporizer does not feature auto shut off and runs until plugged out.

The temperature range for Volcano Classic is 266°F to 446°F, which is a great range as the most used temperatures in recreational vaping are 310°F to 360°F. Volcano Classic is a durable and effective choice.

Volcano Digit:

The Volcano Digit features digital design with buttons. The screen on vaporizer shows the exact temperature at the moment. The vape also has an auto shutdown feature which runs itself every 30 minutes by default.

The temperature range for Volcano Digit is 104°F to 446°F which means that lighter drugs, liquids, and water can be steamed perfectly. Volcano Digit is definitely a smart choice.

Common Benefits:


Volcano Vaporizers are very easy to use. With a simple design, it’s nearly impossible to burn your herbs. The three buttons on the device indicate the basic features. A manual is also given in case anyone doesn’t understand the functions.

The bag and valve system is also very basic. Since the oven is right on top, you can fit the valve and fill up bags with your herbs. Or you can just build steam from water for moisturization.

Easy Valve:

Vaporizers feature an easy valve, which is a mouthpiece for the device that can be replaced when dirty. Bags can be fitted on the valve to store vapors for up to 8 hours! Silencer and air filters also make it one-of-a-kind.

Fast Heating:

The vaporizers feature convection styled 100 Watt heater source that heats the device up in 3 minutes. It takes Volcano just 6-10 minutes to reach maximum temperature starting at low 200°F. It heats very fast as compared to other vapes and can cool down with just one touch!


Vaporizers are usually very light. They easily break and malfunction. Some vaporizers don’t even run more than a couple of weeks!

Volcano Vaporizer, on the other hand, gives a warranty for 3 whole years. Moreover, there are thousands of people who have used it for more than 5 years! That is certainly an investment that’s worth it!


Volcano Vaporizer accessories are delivered along with the new machine. These include an easy valve, plastic grinder and a cleaning brush. These accessories can be bought separately with ease once they’re old.

Performance with Herbs:

Volcano Vaporizer is very versatile. It can work well with upto half a gram of dry herbs skillfully. The vape also doesn’t combust the herbs. Herbal extracts can also be used as a vaping solution. For best results, you can cover two-thirds of the heated pad and heat at maximum temperature. You can even preserve the herbs by removing the bowl. The leftover of herbs can be used in cooking.

Common Drawbacks:

High Cost:

The only real disadvantage of buying Volcano Vaporizer is the high cost. Volcano Classic costs around $479, while the Volcano Digit costs $600, making them the more expensive options in stores.

Of course there is a higher quality and faster features, with more durability, and investing for long-term is a good plan. But many people may not be able to afford it on a short-term. This is perhaps the only drawback of this otherwise wonderful product.

Final Thoughts:

Volcano vaporizer is definitely in the top tier. Without being too complicated to run, it functions decently well. Its features are easy to use, and the investment in a durable, long-lasting vaporizer is a much better choice than buying cheaper but fragile vapes.

Whether you are looking to buy a vaporizer for steam therapy or herb inhalation, you can choose either of the Classic or Digit options. These vaporizers will never let you down.

To conclude our review, we highly recommended using Volcano Vaporizer before you try other options. It will definitely catch your eye with its sleek design and quality features!

Rating: 4.8/5

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