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Vaporizero is a specialized site for review and vaping news. Sometimes we get free samples of tanks and devices to test and check. We provide only honest and impartial reviews, and our opinions are always true no matter where or from whom we got the device.

Also, we can charge fees or some sort of commission for the sale of certain items. Our pages contain “links”, also known as referral links. This means that if you follow the link you will be charged a small fee. This doesn’t affect the price you pay and it helps you keep providing the best deals, news, and evaporation reviews. This benefit also applies to vaporizero’s maintenance.

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Vaporizero changes, adds or updates the materials on this site from time to time without prior notice. Vaporizero is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the content of this site. Vaporizero or any other party involved in the creation, or display of this site is not liable to you or others for indirect, special, unintended, or consequential damages of any kind arising out of access or use. This website or other information on this site.

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No content on this site should be used or interpreted for medical diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used instead of the advice of a doctor or other qualified health care provider. If you have a health problem, call or talk to your doctor or other qualified health care provider as soon as possible. The vaporizero site is for educational purposes only and is not medical advice. Medical advice should not be ignored or postponed because of what you read on this site.

Electronic cigarettes

Vaporizero does not guarantee that the content and information on this site is error-free. Use this site at your own risk. The FDA hasn’t tested e-cigarettes, so everything on this site is just speculation. Use the information provided reasonably and safely. Not all information collected has priority for your attending physician.

Electronic cigarettes are an inexpensive alternative to smoking. Testing has shown that most of the harmful compounds found in cigarette smoke are not found in the smoke produced by e-cigarettes. We are confident that this product is free of tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, and other harmful ingredients, but we do not represent or sell it as a smoke-free product.

Consult Doctor

Electronic cigarettes are intended for people of legal age. This product is not recommended for non-smokers, children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, women with or at risk for treating heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or depression, or asthma. Consult your doctor if you experience symptoms of nicotine abuse, such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, weakness, and palpitations. If you smoke tobacco products, it is recommended to quit smoking.

Keeping e-cigarettes out of the reach of children and swallowing some items can suffocate, and swallowing thick, uncoated materials can be toxic.

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Vaporizero  (including all employees, subcontractors, agents, successors, successors, and affiliates) is not liable for any kind of direct, indirect, temporary, special, or consequential damages arising out of or resulting therefrom. Website containing content, regardless of negligence.