13 Best Squonk Mods in 2024

Squonk mods have gotten a tremendous hit when you talk about vaping and are normally the subsequent stage for any vaper using an RDA. Due to their additional comfort and utility, squonk mods make using an RDA not much unwieldy, but rather more versatile.

While most of the squonk mods are mechanical mods that require a solid handle of Ohm’s law, there’s uplifting news for the less actually slanted: controlled squonk mods. We’ve gathered together probably the best squonk mods in 2024 for you down beneath:

Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod


  • Excellent Long Battery Life
  • Preheat Mode that Heats up in 10 seconds or even less.
  • No matter what Type of Cartridge you’re using. Keeping your Concentrates Safe and Secure with this Ultra Small Device.
  • You can see the available concentrates, and change them with ease.
  • No need to carry a charger around with you.
  • Window to See Available Concentrates easily.
  • Variable Voltages & Swappable Magnetic 510 Adapter fits Most Cartridges
  • Retractable & Ultra-Portable Cartridge Hideaway Feature

$39.99 $49.99

Yocan Groote Box Mod


  • 510 threading for compatibility with most cartridges.
  • Reliable battery for easy, no hassle vaping.
  • Automatic draw-activated battery that is perfect for on-the-go vaping.
  • Multiple heat settings allow you to create subtle, flavorful vapors.
  • Enjoy a clean, fresh taste every time.


Yocan UNI S Box Mod


  • Powerful, Sleek Design with Durable Metallic Body.
  • 3 Variable Voltages to Choose from.
  • Type-C USB Charging Port and Cable
  • Up to 12mm Diameter Adjustable Height & Width.
  • Hanging Hole, Simple & User-friendly device.


Vandy Vape Pulse V2


  • Best Pulse Yet!  
  • Waterproof Chip / PCB
  • Life Proof Design
  • Super Durable ABS Nylon
  • Bottom Fill Bottle Keeping It Directly In Line With 510
  • Refined Shape And Ergonomics
  • 21700, 20700, or 18650 compatible


The plan of the Pulse V2 is like the Pulse X, however, the adjusted edges and very much positioned bends give it a more refined look. Highlighting a full shading OLED show, the Pulse V2 is not difficult to use and is fueled by Vandy Vape’s “Vandy” chipset.

The Pulse V2 is worked to be a dependable, mid-power controlled squonk gadget and it does this work amazingly well. With the Vandy chipset the Pulse V2 will fire from 5-95W in force mode (with preheat usefulness), underpins TC mode from 200-600°F, and even backings Bypass and Voltage yield modes.

For a particularly smaller gadget, the Pulse V2 is stuffed with highlights that will oblige any squonk devotee.

An intriguing component of the Pulse V2 is that it very well may be controlled through your cell phone by utilizing the Vandy App.

This allows you immediately to change settings and set wattage bends directly from your telephone. There’s additionally a “Discover my Device” option which will make the Pulse V2 signal in the event that you lose it.

All things considered, the Pulse V2 is a mind-blowing squonk mod and certainly extraordinary compared to other single battery squonk mods accessible right now.

Wattage mode on the Pulse V2 is magnificent and works faultlessly, while squonk is smooth and helpful. In case you’re searching for a problem-free, single battery squonk mod, the Pulse V2 is one of our top suggestions.

Wotofo Dyadic


  • Super powerful Mod
  • Firing speed of 0.0001 Second
  • 0.05ohms supporting the pro-level coil setup
  • Capacity of 8.5ml
  • Easy-to-loosen connector


The Dyadic is controlled by double 18650 batteries. This will permit you a reasonable piece of utilization time in case you’re vaping at low-mid wattages.

The chip on the Dyadic has a wide scope of battery security highlights, for example, hamper, low voltage assurance and overcharge insurance. These are generally extraordinary to have in case you’re worried about vaping securely yet at the same time need to squonk.

The Dyadic squonk mod will fire atomizers from 0.05 to 3.0 ohms which ought to be reasonable for everybody besides really progressed vapers.

The squonk bottle included with the Dyadic has a 8.5ml limit so it will hold a very sizable amount of ejuice to get you as the day progresses.

The cost of the Dyadic makes it an extraordinary buy, regardless of whether you as of now have a squonk mod. You get great incentive for the form quality and highlights and it is certainly extraordinary compared to other squonk mods you can get.

Dovpo Topside Dual

Dovpo Topside Dual


  • Temperature Control Suite
  • .96 TFT inch Screen
  • 10ml Top Filled Squonk Bottle
  • Three Button Control Face
  • Sliding Battery Door
  • Gold Plated 510 Threading and Firing Pin
  • Device Safety Features


Dovpo and The Vapor Chronicles have delivered the Topside Dual which takes two 18650 batteries and highlights a similar helpful top-filled plan as the first. The Topside Dual brings a full arrangement of highlights and more force for those needing to squonk with lower-opposition fabricates.

Topping off the squonk bottle on the Topside Dual is overly brisk and wreck-free gratitude to the top-filled port. Simply unscrew the cap on the Topside Dual, and top off your ejuice! The decent width and thrilling plan of the gadget feel strong in your grasp and is agreeable to vape and squonk with.

The battery effectiveness on the Topside Dual is discernibly in a way that is better than other squonk mods. This implies additional time vaping and less time charging, even at mid to high wattages.

Obviously, being a controlled squonk mod, the Topside Dual likewise has different battery wellbeing highlights worked in.

There are three catches and a 0.96-inch show situated on the facade of the Topside Dual. The fire button is situated towards the highest point of the gadget and is round and raised. It likewise has a raised ring that circumvents its border.

This is virtuoso since, supposing that any juice spills, it will just move off and around the fire button instead of into it. Exceptionally insightful plan. The fire button works perfectly and is responsive. There’s no catch clatter, however, the snap that you get from the catches feels and sounds perfect.

The Topside Dual backings Power, Bypass, and Temperature Control Modes. Being a double battery mod, you can expect incredible battery life at mid-high wattages and good however decent proficiency above 100W.

The Topside Dual uses an enormous 10ml squonk bottle. This is the biggest among squonk mods and permits you to top off and fail to remember for any longer than with some other mod. For its heavenly exhibition, simple top-filling and monstrous squonk bottle the Topside Dual stands tall as extraordinary compared to other squonk mods accessible.

Geekvape Aegis Squonk

Geekvape Aegis Squonk


  • Shockproof and waterproof.
  • Durable exterior to protect against water damage.
  • You’re safe from the elements!
  • You’ll be able to use your mod without worrying about it getting wet or damaged by falls and drops.
  • Durable exterior.
  • Feel safer while vaping in the rain.


The Aegis Squonk takes a solitary 18650 battery and is IP67 waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. This makes it the most strong squonk mod you can purchase. On the off chance that you need to squonk yet, you’re worried about dropping or breaking your mod, the Aegis Squonk is the gadget to get.

It has a comparative appearance to other Aegis mods with a rubber-treated outside that is truly agreeable and light to hold. It additionally uses Geekvape’s most recent AS-100 chipset to convey a full arrangement of modes and highlights. It has Power mode, TC mode, TCR, and Bypass Modes to give some examples.

The squonk bottle on the Aegis Squonk is delicate and simple to push which makes for issue-free squonking. The jug will hold an astounding 10ml of ejuice so you can squonk for a long time without topping off it.

Generally speaking, in case you’re searching for a very much planned and incredible performing squonk mod, the Aegis Squonk settles on a superb decision.

Its little size, full arrangement of highlights, and extraordinary squonking execution make the Aegis Squonk stand apart from the group. It is certainly an invite expansion to any evident squonkers assortment.

Dovpo Topside Lite


  • Affordable
  • Powerful and easy to use
  • The fire button is large and easy to use.
  • The Topside Lite is the perfect mod for single battery squonk vaping.
  • Power mode for a more intense vape
  • Squonk bottle is soft and easy to use
  • Great for beginners who want an easier experience.


The Topside Lite is Dovpo’s most recent squonk mod. What makes it unique in relation to the Topside 90W is that it’s a particular gadget that can change into an ordinary box mod.

Simply eliminate the squonk area by hauling it out, unscrew the squonk stick and append the battery cover. The Topside Lite takes a solitary 18650, 20700, or 21700 battery to work and will fire at up to 90W.

Much the same as the other Topside squonk mods, you don’t need to eliminate the squonk jug to top off it. Simply unscrew the cap on the squonk area to top the container off.

The fire button is enormous and simple to use, while the change catches are more modest yet comparably available. The OLED screen on the Topside Lite is 0.96 inches and shows a full scope of vaping data.

The Topside Lite is controlled by Dovpo’s in-house chipset and underpins Wattage mode. Obviously, you additionally get different wellbeing highlights worked in like short out assurance, battery security, low voltage insurance and that’s just the beginning.

The Topside Lite accompanies a 10ml squonk bottle that is strong and very much assembled. It’s additionally sufficiently soft that it’s not difficult to squonk on without being excessively soft.

Generally speaking, the Topside Lite is an incredible single battery squonk mod that will dependably and proficiently get you as the day progressed.

The nature of this mod is incredibly high and will surpass your assumptions. For strong single battery squonk execution with the flexibility to change into a container mod, purchase the Topside Lite.

Dovpo Topside

Dovpo Topside


  • Topped off without eliminating the jug.
  • Never run out of ejuice again.
  • No more messes or spills
  • Powerful device with three adjustable catches.
  • It has a clear and simple design that’s easy to read.


Cooperation among Dovpo and Brian from The Vapor Chronicles, the Topside is a lovely single battery squonk mod that will fire at up to 90W. In any case, this isn’t only any squonk mod — the Topside is the world’s first squonk that can be topped off without eliminating the jug.

Essentially unscrew the cap on the Topside, and top off your ejuice! This makes topping off your squonk bottle very fast and wrecks-free. The thin and thrilling plan of the Topside feels ideal to grasp, and the heaviness of the gadget is strong and agreeable.

There are three adjusted catches on the Topside: One huge terminating catch and two more modest change catch. The presentation is fresh and simple to peruse and offers all the vaping data you require.

The Topside upholds Power, Bypass, and Temperature Control Modes. Since it is a solitary battery mod, you can expect fair battery life utilizing it at mid-high wattages.

Other than the comfort of top filling, the Topside incorporates two 10ml silicone squonk bottles! These containers are huge and will permit you to top off and fail to remember for a long while (contingent upon the amount you vape).

On the off chance that you need all that that you can get with regards to single battery squonk mods, get yourself the Dovpo Topside. The battery productivity, dependability, enormous 10ml squonk containers, and top-filling settle on the Topside, our top decision for 2024.

The Topside Lite accompanies a 10ml squonk bottle that is tough and all around constructed. It’s likewise sufficiently soft that it’s not difficult to squonk on without being excessively soft.

By and large, the Topside Lite is an incredible single battery squonk mod that will dependably and productively get you as the day progressed.

The nature of this mod is amazingly high and will surpass your assumptions. For strong single battery squonking execution with the adaptability to change into a case mod, purchase the Topside Lite.

Lost Vape Drone BF DNA250C

Lost Vape Drone BF DNA250C


  • Durable construction
  • Unique design
  • It’s a gorgeous mod.
  • Powerful, yet easy to use.
  • Durable and long lasting battery life.
  • You’ll never have to worry about your vape dying on you again.
  • Holds more juice than the average squonk mod.
  • Squonking is easier and less messy.


The Drone BF is the most recent squonk mod to be delivered from Lost Vape. A development to the first Drone and Therion squonkers, they took all that was acceptable about these two gadgets and enhanced them to make a surprisingly better squonk mod.

The whole taste of this mod is rich, wonderful, and worthy. There are right now four shading choices, which are all similarly attractive. Donning an exceptional look, the Amber ULTEM boards permit you to see through to the internals of the mod — a cool plan not at all like some other squonk mod available.

The Drone BF uses Evolv’s DNA 250C chipset. This gives you close unrivaled unwavering quality and execution in force mode, but on the other hand, it’s the most exact chip available with regards to temperature control. Regardless of what kind of loop material you use, the Drone will choke power up or down as needed for a smooth, amazing vape without fail.

You get a total arrangement of modes and highlights with the Drone. The gadget utilizes double 18650 batteries and can yield up to 167W in Power Mode — ideal for those squonking with lower obstruction assemblies.

Battery life is additionally astounding because of the DNA250C chip which is evaluated at an unimaginable 97% yield effectiveness rating. Additional time vaping and less time charging batteries? I’ll take it.

The squonk container has been updated and will hold 7ml of ejuice. It’s excessively soft for simple squonk and found serenely at the lower part of the gadget. Squonking works consistently and with no wreck. It’s beginning and end you might need in a squonk mod.

HCigar Aurora 80W

HCigar Aurora 80W


  • You can use either a single 18650 or 21700 battery.
  • Your mod will never run out of power.
  • No need to worry about your batteries dying when you’re on the go.
  • It has an OLED display with vaping data.
  • The design is sleek and modern.
  • Huge 7ml bottle for a day’s worth of vaping.
  • Durable squonk bottle and cap.


The HCigar Aurora is given over extraordinary compared to other modest squonk mods accessible. Accessible in one or the other dark, red, or white, the Aurora has a decent metal completion and an agreeable, little structure factor.

This mod is fascinating on the grounds that you’re ready to change the battery compartment by using a switch on the rear of the gadget. This permits you to use either a solitary 18650 or 21700 battery for power.

The HCigar Aurora has an exceptionally decent four-catch control face. This comprises one huge terminating button, two change catches, and a committed menu button.

There is additionally a 0.96 inch OLED screen that will show fundamental vaping data. This menu can be changed with the usage of Escribe.

You get a 7ml squonk bottle with this single battery squonker. This ought to be more than huge enough to get you through a decent day of vaping (1). The jug is extremely overall quite very much made, and the stringing in the cap is an all-around machine. The HCigar Aurora is certainly a top decision for anybody looking for a decent, single battery squonk mod.

Vandy Vape Pulse Dual

Vandy Vape Pulse Dual


  • You’ll vape at higher wattages.
  • Your device will last longer.
  • You’ll enjoy a long vaping session, even at lower wattages.
  • The Vandy chip will regulate the power to your coils for more consistent and safer vaping.
  • You can vape with peace of mind knowing that you’re protected from short circuits and overcharging.


If you need to vape at higher wattages and squonk, you will require a double battery mod. The Pulse Dual is the furthest down the line expansion to the Pulse family and it gets a double battery stage and an all-new structure factor. Durable and firmly built, the Pulse Dual is the ideal gadget for those searching for more force.

The Pulse Dual takes two 18650 batteries to capacity and this will permit you a decent measure of vaping time at lower wattages. The installed Vandy Chip works effectively by directing capacity to your loops and furthermore has various battery wellbeing highlights worked in for more secure vaping.

Lost Vape Therion BF DNA75C

Lost Vape Therion BF DNA75C


  • Long lasting battery life.
  • Sleek design.
  • The Therion BF DNA 75C is a delight to use and look at.
  • It has an ergonomic design for comfort and easy use.
  • It’s made of zinc alloy which makes it durable and lightweight.


Lost Vape’s Therion BF DNA 75C is another incredible squonk mod. With a delightfully bent zinc combination suspension, either carbon fiber or wood complement boards, and a calfskin wrapped battery entryway, it looks pretty excellent.

The Therion has a 510 string point that is machined out of high evaluation hardened steel, while the squonk-prepared 510 reach itself is nickel-plated metal for high conductivity.

The Therion 75c is constrained by four fastens and has an enormous terminating button for usability. The gadget is fueled by a solitary 18650 battery, and the contacts in the battery zone are strong. In general, the gadget is all around constructed.

Summing Up

Squonking implies that you don’t need to trickle, your hands are free once more!

You’re not forfeiting the stunning flavor force that you get from dribbling on an RDA. At the point when you press the squonk bottle, it will wick your cotton and afterward channel once more into the squonk bottle, leaving you with a new squeeze for a couple of draws.

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