10 Best Wax Atomizer in 2024

Wax atomizers are what is used inside the famous wax vape pens to appropriately take a versatile spot from a pen. At the most fundamental level, a vape pen is a battery-fueled gadget that consists of four primary parts: the tank, atomizer, sensors, and battery.

A dry herb vaporizer accompanies the entirety of similar segments as most different varieties of vape, and commonly it accompanies a cartridge with polyfill material or a tradable loop and wick framework, where the concentrates can be stacked. It can likewise have a 510 stringing framework that fits pre-made cartridges of concentrate. Every one of these parts works to warm the wax to the ideal temperature.

There are different words used conversely with wax atomizers, making it confounding on occasion to talk about wax pens versus regular e squeeze and concentrate pens.

A portion of these terms are reciprocally used to incorporate a warming chamber, curl, warming component, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Fundamentally, the atomizer is the system that gives warmth to the concentrate or wax being used.

Here is our review of the best wax atomizers.

Dr. Dabber Boost Evo Quartz Atomizer


  • IntelliTEMP heating element
  • Quartz vaporizing chamber
  • Stainless steel body



The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO is the most recent gadget from e-rig trend-setter Dr. Dabber, this e-rig conveys unadulterated tasting fumes from a classy gadget and takes into account the full investigation of concentrates during use.

Six preset temperatures let you experience your material in an assortment of ways and the quick warmth up a season of the quartz bowl works related to the water filtration framework to guarantee perfection on each draw.

A cutting-edge configuration fits serenely close by during use and highlights attractive associations for the parts to help make dismantling for cleaning this e-rig simple.

Inside the advanced plan of the Boost, EVO erig is a 3,400mAh battery that conveys sufficient force for the entire day vaping and highlights go through charging so you’ll never miss a meeting. The force button off the Boost EVO additionally picks your temperature and tweaks the lighting tone around the hold cushions to bring some merriment to your meetings.

We will alert that it may take a couple of investigations of the manual to recollect the catch mixes required for controlling different elements of this erig, yet once you get into a score it is extremely simple to work.

With an ever-increasing extent of “current” e-rigs coming out we’re beginning to see little changes that make meetings smoother and draw more delectable.

The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO is a strong erig from a set brand in the vaporizer section, on the off chance that you choose to pick this erig up you will not be disillusioned. With in excess of a small bunch of temperature alternatives, adjusted temperature control, water filtration, and a very much built atomizer the Boost EVO takes care of business consistently.

Dr. Dabber Stella Full Top Replacement

Dr. Dabber Stella Full Top Replacement

Dr. Dabber



Dr. Dabber has been perhaps the most predominant one of the dab scene. With exceptional deliveries, for example, the Switch which is one of only a handful few spots fixes that utilization conduction warming innovation. Presently, after much expectation and theory, they delivered their new lead wax pen called Stella (which signifies ‘star’ in Latin).

The Stella is a basic and clear vape pen that appears to be like KP Crystal. It’s encased in an all-dark hardened steel shell that looks smooth and advanced and feels strong and tough simultaneously. Stella has two Dr. Dabber logos (center and base piece of Stella) that illuminate and change to the comparing shade of the temperature. The one on the center is used as a force catch to kill on/off the gadget and cycle through 3 temp settings.

The Stella includes a ‘drifting loop’ that limits the contact focus between the curl and the body of the pen. This plan lessens heat to move and keeps the gadget from getting awkward to hold. The loop has an enormous bowl size and is made out of Alumina Ceramic that is wear-safe and fit for withstanding high temperatures.

Dr. Dabber Stella is a smooth and strong vape pen that produces great fumes at its cost. It has highlights that you wouldn’t almost certainly see on also evaluated vapes like the gliding loop framework, haptic criticism, and the Temperature Coefficient Resistance that further assisted with the general exhibition.

Mig Vapor Black Sub-Herb: The Dry Herb and Dabs Tank

  • New Ceramic Heating Plate (Works with dabs and dry herb)
  • High-tech Heating Technology
  • No Combustion



The Sub-Herb Dry Herb Vape Tank by Mig Vapor highlights 510 stringing so it can vape dry spices and waxes using sub-ohm mods. The all-earthenware warming chamber can vape as high as 27W and vape as low as 0.5ohms. The Sub-Herb likewise includes a latent, Pyrex glass cylinder and hardened steel parts like the mouthpiece and atomizer base, just as two base, movable wind stream vents for more noteworthy cloud creation and adaptability.

The Sub-Herb dry herb vape tank is for use with a regular box mod, which clarifies its gold-plated, 510 stringing on the base, just as the two flexible wind current vents on one or the other side of the atomizer base.

It comprises five separate parts: the treated steel trickle tip, an atomizer spout (likewise hardened steel), the glass tube, the clay warming cup/plate, and the atomizer base. The Pyrex glass tube houses the ceramic cup/plate and fits properly with the assistance of two or three o-rings around the base.

The Sub-Herb has nickel-chrome curls heated into the actual dish, so they are unexposed and don’t move metallic particles into the fume. The unit additionally incorporates cotton wicks to vape concentrates. The tank has a breadth of 0.8 inches so it can sit flush on box mods of typical size.

High Five Duo Replacement Atomizer

  • Authentic High five accessories
  • Stainless Steel Atomizer. Durable and Reliable



The DUO is a progressive genuine double reason vaporizer for the two concentrates and spice. The DUO is made out of Food and Medical Grade materials/parts. You can experience the presence of a work area vaporizer any place you go.

Furnished with an amazing industry driving battery pack for drag-out use, contrasted with other E-Rigs available. Quick USB-C charging and the pass-through charging highlight permit the gadget to be at the same time charged and used while keeping up all usefulness.

The DUO includes a huge 16 mm bowl fit for fulfilling experienced clients. The hardened steel atomizer is progressing solid, and sturdy. Fume is pulled away from the atomizer, warming component/wires, and electrical associations.

The exact and smart warming framework conveys an encounter that permits you to completely appreciate the flavor, strength, and impacts of any material. Redo every meeting as per your own inclination, the LED show permits you to change and set your optimal temperature and control the term of every meeting with a bit of a catch.

Yocan Magneto Ceramic Coils (Pack of 5)

  • 5 Pack
  • Multi-Layer Design
  • Magnetic Connection
  • Ceramic Coil
  • Medical-Grade Ceramic

$39.99 $49.99


If you happen to use a vape pen, at that point you realize how irritating feeble loops can be, and how irritating it very well may be to continually supplant them. This 5 pack of substitution loops will guarantee that you are supplied immediately. Devotees of vaping have come to value the quality and innovation used to make Yocan curls and loop covers.

Yocan loops are produced using quartz as opposed to wick, so they heat up quicker, produce better tears, and don’t ruin as fast. A loop produced using quartz will likewise give you cleaner tears than what you expect with the common fiber wick curl. You will have the decision to get clay loops on the off chance that you need delicate warmth.

KandyPens Galaxy Tornado Atomizer

  • Quartz Crystal Chamber
  • Leak Proof Design
  • Dual Quartz Rods
  • Titanium Coils
  • Ability to Adjust Airflow
  • 510 Thread Compatible
  • Suggested for Advanced Users Only

$29.00 $49.95


This Galaxy vape pen from KandyPens has heaps of positives and a few small negatives. It’s right now one of our top picks for best vape pens in general and it’s likewise one of our undisputed top choices.

To start with, we’ll disclose to you the principal contrast with this one, since let’s be honest most pens out there are really comparable. It’s the atomizer or the loop, and it’s marvelous. Simply on the off chance that you didn’t have the foggiest idea, this vape is for use with wax and oil thinks just, no dry spices.

There are some different pens available with quartz atomizers, yet this Galaxy one is certainly powerful and performs quite well. One of the fundamental ways it varies is that it’s tuned to create great measured billows of fume with generally short draws, so it feels truly normal to use and the experience is extremely fulfilling.

Mig Vapor Limited Sub-Herb: The Dry Herb and Dabs Tank

Mig Vapor Limited Sub-Herb: The Dry Herb and Dabs Tank

Mig Vapor by SlickVapes

$39.95 $44.95


The Mig Vapor Sub Herb Black accompanies dim colored glass and has an excellent dark completion. It would appear that a sub-ohm tank, so you can toss the Sub Herb Black on a vape mod and the vast majority will not have the foggiest idea about the distinction. Something expected on the first form was the wind current, which has been expanded.

We think they have accomplished the ideal measure of draw opposition. As indicated by Mig Vapor, on the off chance that they would have made it any greater, the Sub Herb Black would not have the option to work as successfully as it does.

The Sub Herb Black pack arrives in a brilliant box with a lot of treats. People love the refreshed vape band that they give you which is currently dark and green rather than clear. You additionally get devices and the entirety of the frill for using your Sub Herb dark with waxy concentrates.

The thing about the Sub Herb Black is that it’s not for amateurs. There is an expectation to absorb information to see precisely how to use it appropriately, which comes as a matter of fact by using it. In the event that you are using it appropriately, you can receive an incredible vape in return. In any case, it might take some effort to get familiar with everything.

Yocan Evolve Plus Coil (Ceramic Donut) (Pack of 5)

  • Coiless Donut Design
  • Medical-Grade Quartz Crystal
  • Leak-Proof



The Yocan Evolve Plus Replacement Ceramic Donut Coils are made with unadulterated artistic and no pastes. These curls are intended as the most perfect on a basic level. These loops save the full kind of your wax and give you a smooth draw, and extraordinary mists. The concentration will in general likewise last somewhat more with the earthenware doughnut curls.

After predictable use, you will see some concentrate buildup. We suggest wiping it off with a liquor arrangement.

Contingent upon how frequently you use your gadget, you will see that it doesn’t begin to draw. Subsequent to endeavoring to clean it, in the event that it actually feels hard to draw, it’s an ideal opportunity to supplant the loop.

Supplanting the curls is exceptionally simple. You simply screw off the former one and screw on the upgraded one. The Evolve Plus is planned with the goal that you can undoubtedly change starting with one curl then onto the next.

Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Wax Atomizer Pen Tank

Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Wax Atomizer Pen Tank

Mig Vapor by SlickVapes

$32.95 $34.95


The Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Vape Tank is a pristine vaporizer tank available. It is a concentrated vaping tank. Regardless of the size of the tank, the loop figures out how to function with the concentrates well. Thus, contingent upon the concentrate, it creates a good cloud and flavor. With its Reverse Stacked Coil configuration, focuses are dissolved on an upper loop and afterward stream to the lower curl for vaporization. This stacked loop is made out of an imaginative Stacked donut curl and ‘B’ box loop, which are the two deliveries interesting to MigVapor.

The convenience of the Brain Fogger Vape Tank gadget settles on it the ideal decision for vapers of any experience level. Indeed, new clients would be wonderfully astonished by the thickness of the fume and will appreciate the flavor it conveys. A key consideration in working this current gadget’s courtesy is the low cost. The Brain Fogger is simple on the pocket, making it the ideal section-level gadget for novices, who need to have a go at vaping however without settling on quality.

G Pen Nova LXE Replacement Tank

  • 100% Authentic Grenco Science Accessory
  • For Wax Concentrates 
  • 510 Threaded

$27.95 $29.95


This Grenco G Pen Nova LXE replacement tank is made explicitly for concentrates. It’s not difficult to change out your old tank with this substitution. It basically screws onto the battery so it works as one with the installed 650 mHa battery for amazing vaporization each time you use your Nova LXE vape pen.

This is an ensured replacement tank that is much the same as the tank your G Pen Nova LXE accompanied when new. The tank includes a clay dish warming component that gives you in any event, warming and incredible tasting concentrate flavor. The widespread 510 stringing on the tank can oblige prefilled 510 cartridges for added adaptability.

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