Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review [Updated]

Since recreational marijuana has been legalized across many states, vaping has become a huge trend and hobby among adults. The Vaping Industry is constantly growing, with its worth reaching more than billions of dollars. Herbs and weeds have become the life of parties.

Today, this thriving industry produces hundreds of different quality and priced waterless vaporizers. Considering this, it can be really hard for a first-timer to find a vape that is as effective as it claims to be. That’s why we present to you the review of a more popular vaping device, the Firefly 2 Vaporizer.

What is a Waterless Vaporizer?

Vaporizers are devices that change liquid extracts or dry herbs to inhalants. There are mainly two types of vaporizers; steam and waterless.

Steam vaporizers are generally used for treating congestion and throat infections. They boil water to high temperature and fight against dryness.

Waterless vaporizers, however, contain a moisturized heating pad where you can place herbs to have vapors released around. Their use can be recreational or aromatherapeutic.

Why a Vaporizer?

Vaporizers are a much better option than rolling cannabis and smoking it!


Vaporizers are the best way to inhale while being environmentally friendly. The vape is always fresh and not combusting, while the flavor is greatly enhanced. Vaporizers are definitely a better way to enjoy life!


Vaporizers are far more efficient than pots and joints. The vapors can be stored in bags and passed around. Vaporizers can also manage temperature according to the herbs and heat swiftly.


Vaporizers carry a sleek design which is perfect for your Snapchat story! Vapes and vape pens look much more classy than a blunt.

About Firefly:

Firefly vapor was founded in 2012 by Sasha Robinson and Mark Williams. Their ultimate goal was to create a revolutionary vaporizer that could bring ease to consumers’ lives. And they succeeded!

The Firefly vaporizer received critical acclaim from the New York Times and The Vape Critic. They also won a design award for this product.

After that success, Firefly released Firefly 2 & 3 vaporizers, which possess slight improvements in size, weight, and features. Firefly uses newer innovations in technology to have a flourishing business in the vape industry, with an ideology that everyone deserves freedom of enjoying their lives!

The Firefly 2 Vape:

The Positive Points:


The Firefly 2 vaporizer comes with all the accessories needed to ensure proper functioning. These include a multi-sided cleaning brush, alcohol wipes, toothpick tools, concentrated pads, and charging docs.

Flavorful Vapor:

Firefly 2 gives perhaps the most flavorful vapes, especially when set at 111% without combustion. As temperature rises, the flavor dies down, but when the temperature is at a lower degree, the flavor hits hard and strong. If stirred after every 3-4 draws, this vape will give the best clouds of the highest standards. To get the most flavor, you should take long and slow draws.

Works Well with Dry Herbs:

Firefly 2 works extremely well with dry herbs. The basic move is to add solid herb in the bowl and not powder, as it can cross the filter and get inside. With a large range of temperatures available, it can create vapors of your dreams.

The vape also delivers with 3 concentrate pads. These can be used to vape wax and e-liquids. You can preheat the device like usual, with the lower the heating time, the denser the clouds

Fast On-Demand Heating:

Firefly 2 vaporizer heats very fast. It has a range of temperature from room temp to about 500°F. Furthermore, the vape takes just 3 seconds to heat till 400°F! You can manage the temperature through the app on your phone. While heating, it glows faintly as well, which is pretty cool!

Colorful and Quality Models:

Firefly 2 comes in a plethora of colors that include White, Black, Gold, Blue, Jet Black, Red, Zebra, and Oak. Its dimensions are 2×7×7 inches, meaning it has a sleek look.

Firefly 2 is also vastly lighter and quite smaller than the original. It doesn’t create any noise and the smell is very minimal. Magnesium alloy body makes it easily portable and durable.

Longer Battery:

Firefly 2 carries a longer battery time than the original vape. When used with dry herbs, its battery can work for up to 7-8 whiffs if heated to the maximum. This number lowers for concentrates though. Moreover, the battery takes less than an hour to fully charge!

Mobile App:

Firefly 2 vape can be controlled through an app available on iOS and Android. This app has 5 heating settings for dry herbs ( 340°, 360°, 380°, 400°, 420° F) and one for concentrate (500°F). You can use the app to monitor battery levels too. The amazing app also features frequently asked questions, a simple manual, and customer service resources.

The Negative Points:


Firefly 2 is quite expensive for a portable vape. This, combined with a smaller capacity to store herbs can be a big black spot.

Although it does come with a 2-year warranty, having $330 on hand in a short-term notice is not possible for much of the audience. It is a good investment, but it pays off quite late.

Cleaning Routine:

Firefly 2 has to be cleaned quite frequently. Without proper cleaning, it doesn’t function well. Many consumers complain about the need to clean more than once a day, though it takes about three minutes.

Cleaning is an issue especially when powdered dry herbs pass through the filter holes. Alcohol is a good way to thoroughly clean the vape.


Firefly 2 has a durable body but a fragile glass screen, which prevents roughly carrying it around. The screen repair costs more than $30 and can take quite a while. Its best used with care.

How to Use:

Firefly 2 is a tad bit more complicated to use as compared to the original mainly due to the addition of tech. You need the app to set the temperature and monitor the battery. The manual provided with the vape is quite vague, unfortunately.

A touch sensor is present on both sides of the vaporizer. To remove the battery, you can press the arrow at the bottom of the body and pull the battery out from the top. You can also change what each sensor does through the app.

The vape is in standby mode due to lack of power button. To heat, you can press the sensor which you set to heater mode. The most you can add to bowl is 0.15 grams, which needs stirring after 3-4 whiffs. Once you’re set, just press both sensors and wait for flashing green light to turn solid. You can then remove the lid and inhale. No herb is wasted!

How to Clean:

Firefly 2 needs thorough clean often. That doesn’t mean it’s difficult. If there is no powder build-up, a simple paper towel with alcohol can be used to wipe the bowl. In this fashion, you can wipe the lid, body and vapor path for a complete cleaning process.


In case the dry powder doesn’t come out, you can combust it at full temperature and then proceed to cleaning.

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to portable vaporizers, Firefly 2 makes its place as a solid choice. While it may be pricier than others, it can function pretty well.

But that doesn’t mean it’s free from a chunk of drawbacks. When spending a sum of money, it’s always a better idea to weigh your options and consider potential disadvantages.

For our final thoughts, we would recommend using Firefly 2 Vaporizer for daily and casual uses. If used properly, Firefly 2 can give an unbeatable dose of flavor.
Rating: 3.7/5

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