Recycler Bongs – Detailed and Explained Review for New Smokers


The use of cannabis is popular among smokers. Many new and portable options are available for cannabis users like oil, wax, blunt, joints, edibles, etc. Many other options are also available in the market but among all these, the bong is still the go-to option for all marijuana smokers. Besides introducing many advanced, unique, and durable smoking options, none of them have been able to beat the bong. There are many different bongs to choose from, to provide convenience to smokers.

Seeing their multiple uses and demands, we will be focusing on recycler bongs in this topic. If you don’t know what recycler bongs are, don’t worry! We have everything explained in a clear and innovative manner further in the article so you can gain complete and helpful knowledge of it. With their sleek build and unique designs, the recycler bongs have continued to flourish the market for many years, and they are still trending in the list.

You might be thinking that a recycler bong is made from recycled materials, as does its name says, but that’s not true. It has been named so due to the function it performs. So, let’s see what a recycler bong is and how does it work.

What is a recycler bong?

Recycler bongs are manufactured in a unique style to provide a smoother smoking experience. When the pipe is being smoked, it will continuously recycle the water inside them. This constant cycling will ensure a cooler smoke from the bong. Not only do they have a chamber for normal water, but for efficient functioning, they have also been equipped with an additional water chamber that filters the smoke.

Besides the two-chamber system, recycler bongs also have an uptake tube. It moves the water that contains vapor up before it is recycled. In this way, the recyclers cool the vapor and at the same time, also ensure smooth inhalations. As the recycler bongs have easy functions an incomparable hits, many bong users prefer them over all other kinds of bongs. They have extra filtration properties that will surely make your smoking experience much better. Also, it is compatible with all smokers, either beginners or veterans.

Recyclers were basically manufactured to provide a better and different function than other types. They allow the water to keep moving inside the pipe, meaning that the smoke is filtered again and again. This feature is highly beneficial as it helps provide bigger hits. The user can pull even more smoke, and the best part is, the smoke is perfectly filtered. The main difference we have observed on a waxing rig over the recycler is that its additional chamber funnels the smoke and water from the second chamber and returns it back to the original chamber.

How do recycler bongs work?

As you have gained much knowledge about the recycler bongs, now, let’s take a look at the detailed process of how do they work. Recycler bongs have two compartments. Let’s know about them first.

·         First compartment:

This compartment is present at the bottom of the tube and is the larger part of the bong. In this compartment, water is kept along with the internal infiltration and the components of filtration.

·         Second compartment:

The second compartment is regarded as the offshoot of the main compartment as it is the part where water and smoke are sucked into. It is an important part of the recycler bong as it ensures that the water and smoke are filtered multiple times to produce an incomparable hit.

In the recycler bong, both these tubes are separated from each other by tubes called the intake and the drains.

Now, let’s get some knowledge about the working of the intake on the recycler bong. When you inhale, the smoke goes into the bowl through the stem. Then, the water present in the main compartment of the bong filters the smoke and then, into the second compartment from the intake. However, some of the water is transferred into the second compartment along with the smoke. This water will make a pool at the bottom of the compartment and the smoke will be filtered through it. it will then be moved through the drain back to the main compartment and water and smoke will continue to be filtered in the recycler.

You would probably be wondering about the drain and how it works, don’t worry, we have that explained too. You are able to inhale some of the smoke when it reaches the second chamber, but due to the working of the suction, most of the smoke is recycled in the main compartment. It is somehow, a better working mechanism as it will ensure the following two things:

  • The smoke is filtered many times before you take the hit from the bong, providing a better and innovative smoking experience with incomparable hits.
  • The process of the functioning of the bong is quite fascinating to watch as the smoke becomes smooth and perfectly filtered.

In short, recycler bongs work when water is added into the base and the goods are loaded into the nail. After that, you will light it up and from the nail, the smoke will travel to the base chamber from the downstem. Here, it will mix with the water in the base and the filtration process will begin. From the base chamber, it will move up into the second chamber. Vapors are released close to the mouthpiece and water falls into the base chamber and is recycled again. You can filter the water containing the vapors as many times as you want. Moreover, to ensure proper and better filtration, the recyclers have percolators at the base, making the recycler more convenient to use.

Types of Recycler Bongs:

Different types of recycler bongs are available in the market with different shapes and designs and they all work differently as well. But that has nothing to do with the function of the recycler bong. All the recycler bongs produce the same result, however, there may be different processes that are followed in each, to make the smoking experience smooth and better. Here are some different types of bongs:

·         Internal recycler:

As the name suggests, this recycler keeps everything internal and is also called as the ‘’incycler’’. This recycler looks like an inverted coke bottle on the inside of the chamber. It has been made with a different design to ensure that the glass is protected and the same results are obtained as of a regular recycler. Unlike that of an external recycler, both the draining pipes and intake are within the bong, that’s why it is called an internal recycler.

Besides the efficient functioning and durable design, the internal recyclers have many other benefits as well. It is small in size and compact enough to take anywhere with you and is super easy to clean as well. It is also easy to set up and due to their strong build, internal recyclers are hard to break.

Some of the very few disadvantages of the internal recyclers are that they are a bit expensive and aren’t much cool like the other recycler bongs.

·         External recycler:

External recyclers are the most commonly used recyclers by cannabis users and are often referred to as standard recyclers. The external recyclers have the bottom and top chambers one above the other and are linked by an arm that loops towards the outside. Although they are the simplest among all the three designs and are known to have the least amount of filtration, that does not mean they won’t work well. They still function perfectly to provide a better and smooth smoking experience.

The benefits of the external recyclers are that they are the cheapest of all the three types of recyclers and offer a similar smoking experience to the other types, although being cheap.

Talking about the disadvantages, the external recyclers don’t offer much filtration as compared to the other two. Also, cleaning them is a difficult task as they have some extra components in the outside that are difficult to clean.

·         Klein recycler:

The Klein recycler is actually a combination of both the internal and external recyclers. They have different tubes both for drainage and for the intake. This is a great feature as both the processes won’t interrupt each other and will work independently to provide efficient filtration and percolation in different parts of the bong. The Klein recycler is regarded as the coolest of all the recyclers and probably the best kind of recycler bong as it offers great efficiency and smoothness.

The advantages of the Klein recyclers, as mentioned above, are that they are the coolest of all the recycler bongs. Also, the two separate tubes will ensure efficiency and maximum filtration. Due to their sleek and cool designs, they can be the best gift for stoners.

The disadvantages of the Klein recyclers are that they are expensive as they are the most efficient and coolest of all the recycler bongs in the market. Also, they are not easy to clean because of different compartments.

Final verdict:

Recycler bongs have been most used by smokers due to their increasing demands and efficiency. Besides providing unmatched and incomparable hits, recycler bongs are known for many other functions that make them perfect to use. Although the recycler bongs are a bit expensive than all other bongs in the market, their cool designs, durable build, quality of filtration, efficiency, and enhanced flavors make them worth the price.

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