Utillian 5 Review- The Most Exciting Vaporizer


Utillian is a famous brand in manufacturing wax pens and vaporizers. The Utillian 5 is an inexpensive and one of the renowned wax pens manufactured and distributed by Utillian. It has the ability to produce a potent vapor while being a low-cost wax pen.

Many vape lovers demand it because of its long battery life and sturdy build. For all vape lovers who want big clouds, Utillian 5 is the best choice. However, this wax pen is not the best if you want a strong flavor.

Company background

Utillian has continued to win the hearts of its customers by introducing new wax pens in the market, each of them with a great many features that provide convenience to the customers. They have their specific designs and innovations.

Utillian 5 was the first vaporizer manufactured by this brand. Since then, they have continuously used new technology to make exciting and affordable vaporizers.

Utillian 5 is a mid-tier vaporizer pen with excellent performance and durability. We like the interchangeable coils and the long battery life of this vaporizer. The adjustable airflow is the most impressive part of Utillian 5. It allows vapor lovers to produce a massive cloud of smoke.

Utillian 5 Specifications

The Utillian 5 is an elegant and easy-to-operate wax pen. It has a mouthpiece on the top and a single power button that provides easy operation. Also, there is a USB port on the side of the device.

Although it is bigger than the standard vape pens, the durable design and long battery life make it worth your money. It is easy to carry in the pocket. The stainless steel exterior and matte finish give it an attractive and stylish look, something every vape lover wants in his vaporizer.

Although the finish and design may feel odd to most vape lovers, it gives a sturdy look and makes the parts durable.

Here are some of the advanced specifications in the Utillian 5 that have made it the favorite of all customers.

Interchangeable Coils

The interchangeable coils are one of the most impressive features of Utillian 5. This feature has made the performance of the vaporizer more efficient. The vaporizer allows you to choose between two coils.

·         Triple Titanium Coil:

The triple titanium coil is known for its massive cloud production. However, its taste is not as strong. As it can hold 0.3g of wax, it is more suitable for bigger loads.

·         Twisted Kanthal Coil:

The twisted kanthal coil has a strong flavor and is ideal for small loads. Therefore, it is used for solo sessions. However, it produces fewer and less dense clouds.

In contrast to quartz, these coils have black ceramic rods. It is a standard coil type for extract vaporizers. The black ceramic rod does not allow the wax to slip into the bottom of the oven. Instead, the wax soaks inside, resulting in efficient vapor production.

Adjustable Airflow

The adjustable airflow underneath the mouthpiece adds convenience to vape lovers by allowing you to control the draw resistance of the vaporizers.

By increasing the airflow, the air passes through the oven. It results in cooler and denser vapors. On the other hand, decreasing the airflow will result in tastier vapors and more significant clouds. At such an affordable price, it is a fantastic feature in any vaporizer.

Steps to use the vaporizer

The Utillion 5 is an easy-to-use vaporizer because of its single button. Although it does not offer precise temperature control, it has four voltage settings. These are 2.2V, 2.4V, 2.6V, and 2.8V.

This easy-to-use vaporizer can be used in these simple steps.

  • First of all, remove the mouthpiece.
  • If you want to change the coil, just twist it. Then, replace it with the selected coil.
  • Dab your wax onto the coils. Afterward, replace the mouthpiece.
  • When turning on the device, tap the power button five times.
  • Press the power twice, and select one of the preset voltage settings.
  • If you want to adjust the draw resistance, twist the airflow ring.
  • To begin the heating process, hold the power button.
  • When heated, inhale it from the mouthpiece.


The vape contains wax which is difficult to clean than dry herbs due to its sticky nature. So, it would be best if you cleaned it regularly. The mouthpiece, chamber, and atomizer can be easily removed and cleaned, so cleaning it is not a big deal. However, cleaning them with alcohol wipes is the best way.

Long battery life

When compared to other wax pens, the Utillian 5 has a pretty long-lasting battery. It uses a 1050 mAh battery, which is more than enough to enjoy a vaping experience.

Quality of vapors

This wax pen allows you to make massive clouds and intense vapors, irrespective of the atomizer you choose.

However, if you want a strong flavor, we recommend using the Kanthal coil.

If you want big clouds, you should prefer using the triple titanium coil.

Both the coils are highly functional and deliver the most immense and smoothest vapors of all times.

Final verdict

The Utallian 5 is the most impressive and easy-to-use vaporizer we have come across. Besides the simple functionality, it offers the best vaping experience with strong flavors.

If you prefer big clouds over strong flavors, Utallian 5 is highly recommended. Although its look might not impress you, its vaping experience is better than most inexpensive pens out there in the market. Beginners might not feel it appealing, but it is the perfect choice for expert vape lovers.

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