Fury Edge Vaporizer Review- Is It Worth The Price?

Fury Edge is one of the most portable and budget-friendly dry herb vaporizers on the market. It has a rugged build, and its advanced specifications make it a must-have for any vape lover. Besides, it has a lot of other accessories that you can use to enhance your vaping experience.


Fury Edge is the latest vaporizer introduced by the company Healthy Rips. This company is famous for manufacturing high-quality, durable, and budget-friendly vaporizers.

The Fury Edge is an upgraded version of the Fury 2 and PO TV ONE vaporizers, manufactured by the same company. We can say that it contains some advanced and better specifications that make it a better vaporize than its predecessors.

Whilst the different specs, the Fury Edge looks more like the other two models. It is because this design allows the manufacturers to include several features in a single unit.

Fury Edge Vaporizer

The Fury Edge is the latest and upgraded vaporizer. It has some different features than its predecessor like a digital display, hepatic feedback, and precise temperature control.

Besides, it has some useful accessories and tools that can help expert vapers enjoy their experience.

What’s in the box?

The main components included in the box are:

  • Fury Edge vaporizer
  • Charger
  • Cleaning tools

The kit also includes some other accessories, which are mentioned below.

·        Concentrate pad:

Although this vaporizer is basically meant for dry herbs, the concentrate pad allows you to vape wax concentrates. However, we recommend using dry herbs in the vaporizer because the temperature is not high enough to vaporize the wax completely.

·        Glass mouthpiece:

The glass mouthpiece is an impressive accessory as you can easily switch between the plastic mouthpiece and glass mouthpiece. Also, you can replace it with other accessories by pulling out the glass attachment.

In this way, the glass mouthpiece keeps the vaporizer clean even after multiple uses.

·        Smell-proof cover:

The Fury Edge also comes with a smell-proof cover to protect the vaporizer from dirt and dust. It proves that the company always wants to provide convenience to its customers.

However, this cover only fits the plastic mouthpiece and keeps it safe from dust.

What’s the deal?

Healthy Rips also offers an exciting deal to its customers. If you buy the Fury Edge from their official website, you will get a free accessory that you choose. Here are the accessories from which you can choose.

·        Shred Grinder:

If you are a beginner in vaping, the shred grinder is a handy tool for you. It helps in providing more vapor from the weed vape.

·        Bent Glass Mouthpiece:

We love the bent glass mouthpiece personally and would also recommend you choose it as a free accessory. It is because the bent glass mouthpiece is a lot easier to use than the standard glass mouthpiece.

In this way, you won’t have to hold the vaporizer directly beneath to use it. The bent glass mouthpiece will do the job without letting you bend.

·        Water Pipe Adapter (WPA):

The water pipe adapter is also a useful feature for hardcore users as it allows you to connect the Fury Edge with any water pipe.

Besides these portable features, Healthy Rips also manufactures a glass bubbler to attach to the Fury Edge. It makes the process fast, convenient, and efficient.

Design & Features


The body of the Fury Edge vaporizer is made of Kirksite alloy. This material makes the body durable and allows you to hold it in your hand with a strong grip easily.

However, the vaporizer is a bit heavier than the other models as it weighs 5.6 ounces.

This vaporizer is also super-easy to use. On the side of the Fury Edge, there’s a power button with two buttons that allow you to control the temperature according to your requirement.

The LED display on the top of the vaporizer is also handy. It inverts how you hold the vaporizer, making it easier for you to see the battery level and temperature.

Heating Oven:

The Fury Edge comes with a heating oven and several tiny air inlet holes, located underneath the vaporizers. The oven uses the convection heating method, meaning that the heating elements do not come in contact with the herbs inside.

It can also easily hold up from 0.15 to 0.2 grams and quickly heats up in almost 20 seconds. Thus, it is much faster than the other vaporizers, which take a lot more time to heat-up.

Similarly, the isolated vapor path allows you to enjoy a flavorful vapor.


As we mentioned before, the kit of the vaporizer contains two mouthpieces. The one you choose depends on your preference.

We always love the glass mouthpiece as it produces cooler and flavorful vapors. However, the glass is fragile, and it can easily break, especially if you are traveling.

Similarly, a plastic mouthpiece is rigid and won’t break easily. But it affects the taste of the vapor. So, if you are traveling, it is better to prefer the plastic one.

Fury Edge Battery

The Fury Edge features a non-replaceable 2300mAh battery. The battery life is much longer than the 1600mAh battery of the Fury 2. So, Fury Edge is a better option.

The battery can last for 70-90 of continuous use, which is far more than other expected by other vaporizers.

Similarly, you can charge the Fury Edge through the USB-C charger, included in the kit. It will take approximately 90 minutes to charge fully. Although the charging time is more, the battery performance is remarkable, which makes it a better vaporizer.

Fury Edge Performance

The Fury Edge efficiently vapes the herbs with its fast heat-up time. However, we think that the hybrid system is better for fully extracting the herbs. The AVP is brown and crispy. The body becomes cool while the mouthpiece becomes warm while using at a higher temperature. So, to avoid such things, you should prefer the glass mouthpiece.

Similarly, the low draw resistance and isolated vapor path allow you to easily inhale the vapor and get delicious flavors without compromising the quality.

Fury Edge Vapor Quality

Considering the price, the vapor quality of the Fury Edge is excellent. The vapor quality is best at 370 – 390°F. If you use it at a low temperature, the flavor won’t be much more robust. Similarly, a higher temperature will lead to harsh vapors.

The Fury Edge is suitable for both beginners and expert vapers. The powerful convection does not lose heat between hits. Thus, it produces massive clouds with delicious flavors.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Fury Edge is the easiest vaporizer to clean and maintain. The kit includes all the cleaning tools so your vaporizer can work for a long time.

You should always clean the chamber immediately after the vaping session. Brush it out and clear off the screen on the mouthpiece as well.

If you don’t clean it regularly and leave herbs inside the chamber, it will affect the vapor quality and increase the draw resistance.

Things to consider

The battery is built-in and non-replaceable. So, you might need to replace the vaporizer after 3-5 years.

Also, it is a good vaporizer considering the price. Still, it does not match other expensive and mighty vaporizers in the market.

Final verdict:

The Fury Edge is an excellent vaporizer for both beginners and experts. It is super-easy to use and delivers massive clouds with delicious flavors.

So, if you are already using Healthy Rips products, the Fury Edge is a nice upgrade to your collection. The different specs and additional features make it a versatile vaporizer. So, considering the price, it is a great choice. However, if you want a better-quality vaporizer that can give you a premium vaping experience, we recommend you invest a little more and buying an expensive vaporizer that will fill your needs.

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