Most people don’t know exactly what does wax vaporizer means or they are confused between the wax vaporizer and e-cigarettes. Let’s clear the confusion that wax vaporizers are not like e-cigarettes are different both. when users of vaporizers draw on the device, the battery of the device heats the liquid which is actually atomized into an inhalable vapor. Whereas the E-cigarettes totally differ from the traditional cigarettes in that they do not contain carcinogens which includes arsenic and vinyl chloride. And additionally, there’s no secondhand smoke associating with vaping.

In more simple words electronic cigarette is a handheld electronic device that simulates the tobacco or feeling of tobacco smoking. And vaporizers work by heating a liquid to generate an aerosol, which is commonly called vapor and that is what the users inhale.

On other hand vaping isn’t really harmful to lungs and our cells as compared to smoking. On the other hand, E-cigarettes can cause throat cancer.


Wax vaporizers are commonly known as wax pens or vaporizers pens. Wax vaporizer pen is actually are small vaporizer that is just like the size of a pen. In addition, the pen sizes may vary, however, the wax vaporizers come in many styles, shapes such as portable and desktop also other styles of dab vaporizers.


Wax vaporizers work with the heating with the help of conduction and convention system. Along with this, they are available in many coil options such as the dual rod quart, titanium coils, and ceramic coils. the user placed their desired wax whether it is cannabis or concentrated, on the coil over the conduction heated wax vaporizer. it creates a vapor from the cannabis wax or concentrates wax when the coil is heated. All this makes the vapor less harmful and can be easily inhaled by the user.

WAX VAPORIZERWax vaporizers only produce vapor not smoke. Due to a convection heating method only creates a light inhalable vapor which is ideal for the user who wants to vape discreetly.

All wax vaporizers are primarily powered by the battery system. Due to the battery, it makes the wax vaporizers more ideal and allows the users more than one setting, from which the users can enable and can set the battery to create vapor or smoke as some vaporizers have the choice between smoke and vapor from the marijuana product. It is hence easy to use where the user simply pushes the battery button to turn on the device, which lights the coil and heat the product, where the user has the choice to use any of their product as to create smoke or vapor. Then the user can inhale simply via from wax vaporizer’s mouthpiece. Here the user can press and release the battery according to their need if they want to inhale several times to attain it longer and deeper hits



Due to the legalization of THC and decimalization vaping becomes more popular among teenagers.

Vaporizer and vaping are considered as a healthier alternative as compared to traditional flame smoking, as in vaporizers, they only heat the wax and weed enough to vaporize the THC. Vaporizers do not combust the weed just like the way smoking a bowl or bong would. Due to the standard heat source, the users avoid inhaling toxins, smoke and also other undesirables which are injurious to our health.

Also, the vaporizers have less or no odor than other smoking methods even the smell of vaporizers dissipates quicker. Because of this, a user can smoke discreetly in public places.

The main pro of vaporizers is that they are cost efficient, vaping allows users to use far less product and even they can achieve greater and high vaping experience. Including to this, it allows users to stretch their weed and wax out for a longer time. Overall vaporizers give users a smoother and cleaner high hit.


If we talk about the cons of vaporizers, then the pricey equipment is the first and thick con of vaporizer. as vaporizers are of several shapes and style due to this their price values. Some are the forms of vaporizers, volcano, vape pens, whip vaporizers which are going to put a dent in our pockets.

Second con of vaporizer is a cheap imitation, for all users they must be careful of buying their desired vaporizer with the prices that are too good to be true. There are more chances that users are wasting their money. Because a lot of vape pens actually combust the marijuana as they opposed vaporizing the THC, due to this the user just wind up smoking a fancy bowl and nothing else.

Another con of vaporizer that users will find a difficulty to find their desired oil or wax, and if the user opts an oil or wax vaporizer then they might find it a little harder to find the necessary oil or wax from the supplier.

If would be complicated to use for the newbie sometimes. And even the electric vape pens need to be recharged again and again if you are a proper user.


After considering some of the pros and cons, vaporizers for consuming wax is better, even way better than dab rigs because:

  • Vaporizers are easier to use, the user just needs to do is put their wax on a coil and start enjoying vaping. As compared to a dab rig, they require a nail that a user need to superheat properly with a powerful and high torch.
  • Wax vaporizers and all other vaporizers are way portable even the user can take vaporizer to anywhere and where they want to because they can easily get fit in pockets and also you can vape in public places as it won’t stand out in public places. Also, vaporizers have less odor and it dissipates quickly as compare to e-cigarettes smoke.

While wax vaporizers are certainly easier to use, and it delivers big and powerful hits. Providing a large nail in wax vaporizers gives the user a lot of heat that can quickly vaporize the chunk of wax in a few seconds which delivers lung-filling and enjoyable vaping experience. If you want quick, easy and portable then wax vaporizers will be the best choice.

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