Pax Vaporizer Review [Updated 2024]

PAX is a pocket-friendly, vaporizer that comes with a charger. It was the result of the commitment and dedication of two students James Monsees and Adam Bowen who had opted for different streams of study and came up with an idea of making something easy to use and purposeful with a fashionable device for people who wish to smoke and carry it everywhere with them.

They made a company in California, formerly known as Ploom and now it is famous as PAX Labs that deals with electronic cigarettes (1). PAX Vaporizer was one of the best inventions made by this company.

It is a gift for the new generation. It is an alternative to smoking; this method had been practiced for ages. Early cave dwellers used this technique of inhaling vapors, which came from herbs when they were burnt.

As the human race has made improvements in all areas of life and technology is touching heights of advancements the electronic cigarette was a bonus and made great success even in the early years when it came into the market.

In easier language, it can be said that whatever the iPod is to the MP3 player, PAX Vaporizer is to the usual smoking practices that were common before PAX Vaporizer made an entry in our lives.


The Pax Vaporizer is a pocket-friendly device that measures nearly four inches in length and like one and a half-inch in width.

The frame is slightly curved adding to its beauty and is easier to hold with no sharp edges. It is a high-quality device and is a masterpiece created by some intelligent minds who discovered something that was both easy to operate and stylish too.

It comes with a moveable disk at the bottom where you have to put the smoking material. It is better to tap it manually to crush it into finer particles.

This mixture then heats up within the oven that is there in that compartment too. A lid covers that oven and is followed up by a mouthpiece that can be pushed down and pops up and gives up the smoking element that has been heated in the lower compartment.

You have to grind the herbs as fine as possible so it is easier to put them in the piece. Then you have to press down the mouthpiece to switch the device on.

When it is operated, the mouthpiece comes back to its original position and the light on the exterior starts glowing purple. This indicates the oven has started working and the herbs are being heated.

For the PAX Vaporizer to start heating it needs 20 to 30 seconds and the light on the exterior turns green when the PAX is ready to use.

Three different modes of setting the temperatures low, medium, and high are used when different ingredients are used for making smoke. Even when it is set at the highest temperatures it can be touched and is not uncomfortable at all.

It is available in three different colors, which are blue, black and purple. It is versatile and consists of an on and off switch for the mouthpiece to work.

It has a unique feature of shutting off automatically when it senses there is a need to do so. It has a lithium-ion battery that stays for a long and is reliable.

The sleek design of PAX makes it hard to recognize it as smoking equipment. It comes with a charging dock instead of a charging cord.

The airways that allow the smoke to pass are made of stainless steel so they ensure that the clean herb is passed to the inhaler.

One benefit that distinguishes PAX Vaporizer from others is that it is lightweight and fits in a pocket so well. Others are heavier and inappropriate to carry around and expensive too. While PAX is a cheaper option with additional benefits too.

It has a motion sensor that allows you to see the battery while smoking by simply shaking it. It shows a green light when the battery is in the average range but when it drops down to the critical level the light becomes red. This indicates the need for recharging the device.


Vaping is not at all like smoking. It is a completely different experience and is cleaner and healthier than smoking from a cigarette. Using PAX Vaporizer keeps you stress-free as all the dirt gets trapped behind the filter and all you inhale is a pure mixture of herbs that you chose according to your desire

The best part is that it does not emit out smoke and therefore does not pollute the surroundings and harm others. The PAX Vaporizer needs an hour to get fully charged. After a full charging session, you can take five to six sessions for about 10 minutes in each session.

It requires maintenance and cares for the device to show amazing performance. You need to clean the equipment properly. It is better to follow the manual, which comes with it at the time of purchase


Being an intelligent invention, the PAX Vaporizer has changed the way people used to smoke weed in public places, and now using the PAX has become an increasing trend. Using a vaporizer is the new way of making a cool impression in the bar.

Buying one of these devices is a great decision that you will never regret once made. The Pax Vaporizer comes with a 10-year warranty.

However, many competitors in the market are selling fake items in the name of PAX. It is recommended to buy PAX Vaporizer from an authorized dealer so that you get the original product.

Also, use it according to the directions given in the user manual to avoid any mishandling while use. It is a user-friendly device which means that it is really easy to operate once you learn how to use it.

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