Best Wax, Dab and THC Vape Pens for 2021


To provide a clear concept about what these devices are, the THC Vape pens are just like dry herb vaporizers. They are also known as Dab pens, Weed pens, and Wax pens.

They consist of two components on which the whole functioning of the pens relies on

  • A battery
  • A tank


THC Vape pens have gained popularity ever since this little intelligent equipment was first launched in the market. People belonging to different financial and social status, have started to use these pens, as they are easy to operate and come in handy. In addition, they are suited to your pocket as well

The search for the best is a never-ending challenge. To help you in this regard, I have listed down some of the best-rated THC pen vaporizers for the year 2018. I hope you will be able to find the perfect pen vape that fulfills all your requirements from the list


The extremely versatile THC vape pen is simple to operate, comes with a long battery life. One thing that makes this vape pen different from others is that it can work with dry herbs as well as other concentrates that you prefer


It has an excellent flavor and comes with a great price. The battery lasts for long and has a temperature that is adjustable. It also works with dry herbs.




It is a great experience to have. Offering a 3 in 1 experience, this THC vape pen has made its name in the market today.

It can process three types of matters. It has a notably affordable price tag as compared to the benefits it provides. A long battery life and the way it treats the concentrates makes it the first preference of many who like to vape.


It has the ability to perform multiple functions. It has a triple temperature control feature, very easy to use with a stylish sleek design. It heats fast and has magnetic connections too.


Migvapor has an amazing WASP air pen that is designed for people who like to vape I public. It has a rubber finish that is prone to damage and offers a nice grip. It heats up quickly within 2-3 seconds as you click the power button. It offers a 900-mah battery that allows 50 puffs when charged for once. It promises vapor of high quality with a cleaner vaping experience. It gives off some great flavors too




The keymaker is a dab pen that is comparatively smaller than others in this category are. However, it comes with the same specifications. It comes in three sporty colors; you can choose either green, Spanish silver or the ever so cool black. It will not pop out unless you go for the green one. You will not know its worth until you try it and believe me you will not regret your decision.


This amazing THC vape pen features ceramic heating. It can heat up as quickly as two has a wide range of accessories to offer. Overall, it is an affordable, dab kit


The only problem with the keymaker is that it needs to be charged often


The Kandypens prism is in the list of the top-rated vape pens because of the functions that it serves. It is a bit expensive than others but its 4-inch size makes it easy to use. You can change the temperature from the four settings it offers


It is small and easy to operate. This THC vape pen comes with two atomizer options to have different vaping experiences.It makes a vape that is strong and of good quality.


The only disadvantage is that this vape pen has a short battery life and requires frequent recharging.


This bug RX oil vape pen is specially designed for vaping lovers who want to experience good quality vape that comes at a cheap price. It is a mini version of a THC vape pen.

It comes with a top fill design that makes refilling easy and hassle-free. It comes in different colors ranging from yellow. Black, silver, pink, purple, blue, hot pink and green. You can buy an extra battery and other accessories for an added price

Some extra informatics about vape pens


It is the most liked THC vape penĀ accessory of the year. Using the brain fogger you can enjoy two things in one buy, it can easily convert from an everyday use vape pen to a mighty vape pen.

It comes with a stainless steel body with some part of glass to add to its beauty. Whenever you feel like using it, set the power in between 8-10 watts and enjoy yourself


This device can adjust according to your mood. It is an easy to use item, with an affordable price and has a great flavor too.


The only disadvantage is that its coil heads need replacement at regular intervals.


This detailed review along with the picture of each gadget provides you the important information of some of the best THC vape pens available in the market. If you are a beginner who is willing to start vaping and wants to make the right decision in choosing the product, this review if for you.

This will help you choose the item that suits your needs and style. Thus,learn about the features, battery, size, looks before you make a buy.

This is a long-term investment that you are going to make. It is better if you make it worth the hype and use your money in the right place.

Buy these from authentic dealers and not from anywhere where it is sold at a lower price than the original. Because quality is important

Enjoy your vaping experience with THC vape pens.

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