Best THC Vape Pens to Try in 2020 [3 Tested Brands]

Ever since the legalization of marijuana and other herbs in more than 30 states across America, vaping has become a massive part of many lives. The Vaporizer Industry has introduced thousands of vaping devices, making the business in this multi-billion dollar industry thrive. How much we vape varies from person to person. Some people might […]

What Constitutes the Best Desktop Vaporizer?

Since vaping became a fashionable and healthy alternative to smoking the market exploded with products. Desktop vaporizers, the powerhouse of vaping, have grown from rudimentary, basic devices to high tech desk machines that allow you to monitor output, set temperatures, and even play music.  As more machines hit the market enthusiasts look to find the […]

12 Best Marijuana Vaporizer Options for 2021

Ever since the word ‘vape’ has paved a way in the market, it has been confused most often with a generic term, which is ‘Marijuana Vaporizer’. If you live somewhere in the world where high levels are THC is not prohibited, Marijuana Vape is a good choice. However if not so, then this might lead […]

12 Best Weed Vaporizer Options for 2021

Do you know vape? then you know very well about vaporizer. E-cigarettes and dry herb vaporizers are gaining popularity in now a day, as vaporizers pose few long-term health risks as compared to smoking (according to a cancer research UK). This is the reason smokers and cannabis users are adopting vaporizers to tailor their lifestyle […]

12 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers Options for 2020

New convenient dry herb vaporizers appear to hit the market day by day and keeping in mind that this can be energizing, it can likewise be overpowering having such huge numbers of choices and value focuses to look over. A dry herb vaporizer is a gadget used to vape dry herb or dry blossom. Dry […]

10 Best Portable Vaporizer for Dry Herb [2019]

The article describes about the top 10, most portable and best vaporizer, that are suitable for your personal use, particularly if you want to use dried herbs for vaporizing. We have concluded some of the best vaporizers that are currently present to fulfill your needs and requirements. In the year of 2018, some of the […]

Vape Mods [List of 10 Best Recommended Mods Providers]

Introduction: The previous year has witnessed some great advances in booming vape industry and one could not be more surprised by how many consumers have actually transitioned into the Vape culture swiftly. Vape mods have been quite in the forefront when it comes to incorporating new technologies in the vaping industry. What Are Vape Mods? […]

Best Vape Pen for 2021

Vape pens are an exceptionally quick developing wonder in our way of life. They are increasing gigantic prevalence with youngsters for a large number of reasons. To put it plainly, a vaporizer pen or vape pen (a kind of e-cigarette) is a clever little gadget extending in estimate from a standard pen to a substantial […]

10 Best Vape Juices for 2021

Vaping is one of the most fashionable trends of the 21st century. We can say it is sort of a substitute to smoking cigarettes and shisha. It come’s in a kit, which can be refilled and the battery is chargeable. After using the flavour you had in the Vape-pen, it becomes useless. For vaping there […]

Best Vape Pen Battery for 2021

A right battery plays a pivotal role in serving you with best vaping experience. A battery is like an engine to a vape and in order to enjoy those rich tasty clouds, you need a battery that is not only long lasting but powerful too.The three most important things you should consider are output, capacity […]

Best Wax, Dab and THC Vape Pens for 2021

WHAT ARE VAPE PENS? To provide a clear concept about what these devices are, the THC Vape pens are just like dry herb vaporizers. They are also known as Dab pens, Weed pens, and Wax pens. They consist of two components on which the whole functioning of the pens relies on A battery A tank […]