7 Best Vape Organizers in 2024

Vaping is a popular hobby for many people, but it can be hard to keep your stuff organized.

There are a lot of vape organizers out there, but most of them aren’t very good or they cost way too much.

We created the list of best vape organizers available on the market that will organize all your vaping accessories in one place so you can easily find what you need when you need it.

These kits also include an optional rolling tray so you don’t have to worry about losing lids or caps when taking this organizer with you on the go!

HUIZHU Wooden Desk Vape Stand Organizer

Organize your vaping accessories with this attractive and sturdy wooden desk stand. Made from authentic Huzhu wood, the organizer is a chic way to keep track of everything from coils to juice bottles while providing style and elegance.

It also comes equipped with six screw holes on the bottom for RDA tanks, screws for attaching mods, elliptical rings for vape pens kits, and rectangular slots for mod boxes.

The organizer can hold 5 large round openings for dropper toners while also accommodating 2 larger openings on top–perfect spots for atomizers or box mods! With a capacity enough o fit 60ml-1000 ml Boston bottles it’s easy to find everything you need in one place at all times.

This elegant piece will add some class to any desk, countertop, dresser, or nightstand.

ARTYONE Wooden 4-Slot Vape Pen Holder Organizer

ARTYONE’s wooden vape pen holder organizer is a stylish way to display your pen-style vaping devices while providing easy access to all your components.

The premium wood, including rosewood and mahogany, features slots for four vape pens with adjustable screws to accommodate any size, plus five coils per pen.

The organizer also includes two holes on the top for RDA/RBA tanks and elliptical rings for vape box mods. It is easy to assemble, lightweight and portable so you can take it with you wherever you go!

AZOVAPE Acrylic Vape Mod Holder Organizer

AZOVAPE’s acrylic vape mod holder organizer is the ideal display case for all your vaping gear. The acrylic construction is both durable and stylish, featuring slots for 30 tanks or coils to accommodate any size along with 5 elliptical rings for box mods.

It also includes two holes for atomizers on top and one large hole in the center for RDA tanks. The durable design is easy to move or transport so you can take it with your favorite devices on the go!

Screwless Mod Holder Organizer by AZOVAPE

Screwless Mod Holder organizer is a sleek and stylish way to show off all your vaping gear while keeping it organized and accessible.

Made from lightweight and durable acrylic, this sleek stand features a central hole for atomizers or dripping mods, six slots for tanks or pods, and five elliptical rings for box mods.

The easy-to-assemble organizer is perfect for any home or office space while providing the stylish look of an expensive display!

AZOVAPE Vape Mod Holder Set of 3

Organize all your vaping accessories with these easy-to-assemble holders. Crafted from high-quality acrylic, these stands feature one high slot for box mods or atomizers and two low pods or slots with five coils per pod.

The stand also includes a hole in the center for RDA’s and electrical rings on the sides. The durable design is easy to assemble and move so you can take it with you on the go!

HUIZHU Wooden Desk Vape Stand Organizer

HUIZHU Wooden Desk Vape Stand Organizer is the perfect way to keep all your vaping needs neatly organized on top of your desk or bedside table.

This multi-functional wooden vape organizer includes five big round holes for atomizers, three elliptical holes for vape pen kits, two rectangular holes for mod boxes, and four screws with 510 threads for locking different types of tanks.

The cartridge storage area at the bottom of this stand has six openings that are sure to please any vaper no matter how many devices they own! You can hang up five Boston-style bottles or water bottles here thanks to four screw hangers near the base of it which make pouring liquids a breeze.

When you’re not vaping our practical design will keep all your essential vaping gear organized, while creating a beautiful aesthetic that will look great on any desk or tabletop.

Spinning Vape Mod Holder Organizer

Add an attractive space-saving solution to your vaping accessories with this spinning vape stand. Crafted from beautiful acrylic, the stand features a holder for 30 tanks or coils along with five elliptical rings for box mods.

It also includes two holes on top for atomizers and one large center hole that fits any size RDA or dripping atomizer.

This easy-to-assemble stand is perfect for vapers with a small collection of devices, and its lightweight design makes it easy to bring along on the go!


There are many vape organizers to choose from, but these 7 best ones will make the decision much easier for you. We hope this list has helped you find a great vaping system that is both practical and enjoyable.

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