How Often Should You Vape In a Day?

Vaping has become a very popular alternative to cigarettes in the past decade or so. While different versions of artificial cigarettes have been around for a while, vapes really hit it big. Whether it’s the different tastes on offer or simply preference of the way it feels, vapes brought in so many people it cannot be overlooked. However, the users may be concerned about the adverse effects it may have on their health. This can lead to a slew of questions, among them is the question of how often you should vape at all. Today, we will answer this question and help you lower the adverse effects of vaping on your health.

Vaping and Dangers of Low-Quality Vapes


Of course, not all vapes are made the same. The quality of your vape will heavily impact how many potential problems it can cause. While the general side effects of frequent vaping stay the same, the differences in potential side effects persist.

First, let’s go over the side effects. While vaping is way safer than smoking it can also result in shortness of breath, pain in our chest, as well as some heart and lungs-related problems. The problems can range from cardiovascular diseases to various breathing issues. Measured use of vapes can sidestep a lot of these issues and lessen them by quite a big margin, especially if the user is good at controlling their intake. However, low-quality vapes can be dangerous for our health even in low dosages.

When purchasing vapes of lower quality or e-liquids that fill them that aren’t quite up to par, you are risking a myriad of other issues. These liquids are often mixed together in rather poor environments with ingredients that may not be quite up to par with the overall standard of the industry. These low-quality products may not even be that much cheaper than the real thing, just lower enough to entice the inexperienced customer.

Vapes that are lacking in quality can induce harsher and more direct side effects than regular vapes. Scratchy throat and dry mouth are frequent showcases of these side effects, as the ingredients used in their creation don’t “slide” down our throat as well. There is often a bad taste left in our mouth from e-liquids of low quality. A sense of changed ingredients can often be felt in the back of your throat. This can manifest either as an unpleasant chemical tinge or even a plastic-like smell of the vapors.

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How Often Should I Vape?


No matter what type of item we are consuming there is always a question of how much we should be using it. More specifically, the question is usually asked in order to get an estimated boundary on what’s considered safe use. Many places will list the recommended amount of uses to none, considering vaping and its side effects. However, for those who vape that’s not a satisfying answer. Some people even use vaping as a way to get away from harsher addictions like cigarettes or alcohol and while it may not be the most effective cessation tool, it is one that fits certain groups of people.

Obviously, the answer to this question varies depending on the person but there is some general information you should know. If you are using vaping as a cessation tool, especially for addiction that you were really deep in, the initial vaping you perform will be pretty excessive. You may take a hit of the vape plentiful times throughout the day. If you are quitting cigarettes, it will usually be similar to the number of times you smoked. For other addictions, it could spark whenever you get a need to indulge in the old addiction. However, while this is a normal spike in the use of vapes, you should make a conscious effort to slowly start lowering it. Adapt from constant vaping to maybe two or three times a day. Over time, you could cut it down to once or twice, making it feel more like a treat than a need.

For those who are using vapes before any previous experiences, the experience may be inverted. Starting off slow and using it a lot later on. This is another situation where a conscious effort is required to keep it standard in use. The overall number of uses should still be kept at a few times a day, skipping days if you don’t get an urge to vape.

The amount of time you spend vaping also affects these bits of advice. Some people vape for 5 to 10 minutes each time they prepare their vape while others may go on for a far longer time. Needless to say, these vaping sessions should be kept on the lower end. That way, the adverse effects can further be lessened as our organism gets enough time to deal with the health issues vaping may cause.



While vaping may be a popular activity, it needs to be indulged carefully. Making sure we have quality vapes is a good start to it all. By doing so, we eliminate some serious side effects that can spring forth due to the variety of problematic issues low-quality vapes have in their manufacturing process.

The rest of the responsibility is on us though. Even when the frequency of vaping is concerned, it’s something that we have to think about ourselves despite all the answers given to us. Understanding what makes us vape and whether there are some attached connotations to it can be rather useful in controlling the number of times you hit the vape. Of course, the goal isn’t only to cut down on vaping but to find the most pleasurable amount for us. After all, overdoing it can often make the whole experience feel a lot blander. So make sure to keep your vaping down to a few short sessions a day for the most satisfying experience, increasing or decreasing it slightly for personal preference.