O.pen Vape Reviews [Updated & Detailed]

O.pen vape produces and appropriates individual vaporizer gadgets for use with homegrown concentrate oil-filled cartridges.

Established in 2012, the organization is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and offers items at 1,200+ retail stores over a dissemination system of authorized partners in Colorado, California, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Mexico, Jamaica, Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada, Poland, Ireland, Scotland, and South Africa.

O.pen vape licenses its protected innovation to eleven dissemination accomplices in ten states and Jamaica. Licensees utilize O pen vape’s Organa Labs innovation and restrictive procedures to produce cannabis oil (1) utilizing supercritical CO2 extraction (2).

O pen vape exceptional line of Craft RESERVE cartridges won the primary spot prize for Best Vape Pen Cartridge in the High Times 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup competition. In Europe, O pen vape marked items, except for Organa Labs cannabis line, are accessible in the Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

O pen vape is seemingly the most all-around perceived brand in the cannabis and individual vaporizer businesses, detailing month-to-month offers of roughly 500,000 units in April 2015.

O pen vape is an establishing individual from the National Cannabis Industry Association and the organization’s pioneers advance the lawful and more secure utilization of recreational Mary Jane.

Its organizers, being impassioned supporters of therapeutic cannabis as sheltered elective prescription, contracted a credentialed group of researchers to drive innovative work.

The Denver Department of Environmental Health named Ralph Morgan, CEO of O pen vape, to serve on its Cannabis Sustainability Work Group, in December 2015, to decide best practices and create other instructive assets for the industry.

The O.pen has a standard round and hollow outline that is stealthy and convenient. Its metallic complete looks and can rest easy however won’t draw in a lot of consideration.

It fits 510 strung tanks so splendidly that you could never figure that the tank and the battery didn’t meet up. The stylus control is advantageous and simple to utilize, it feels as normal as utilizing a pen clicker and the LED marker lights are valuable without being excessively obvious.

The USB quick charger fits cozily in any USB port and you never need to stress over the battery dropping out of it.

For some restorative pot patients, two essential variables can make concentrates be to some degree blocked off: they’re frequently expensive and can be hard to utilize.

A successful water pipe improved for concentrates can run you upwards of 100$, implying that vape pens are the main practical technique for focus utilization for the cost-cognizant.

In any case, even vape pens begin at the $30+ territory (top-of-the-line vaporizer pens can be $200+).

Sadly, numerous brands are finicky and inclined to breaking. Despite the fact that they don’t unravel all of the issues related to present-day vape pens (it’s to a great degree uncommon to discover a brand that does), O.pen Vape has outlined their items to be anything but difficult to work and available to a wide gathering of people.

Their leader item, apropos called the O.pen Vape, is sold at a $20-$25 value point, and uses pre-filled cartridges (regularly estimated $30 or more per cartridge) that can essentially be screwed onto the battery and warming component — not any more endeavoring to gently put wax onto a little and delicate curl.

As an organization, O.pen Vape keeps correspondence with its retailers open.

On their site they claim to prepare every one of their merchants to be learned about their items, and even offer a guarantee through wholesalers—however, no less than one client has announced that their dispensary didn’t finish on this. Notwithstanding, o.pen correspondence and coordinated effort with their retail accomplices are tremendous in addition to an industry that needs steadiness and consistency.

The O.pen Vape 2.0 is a great battery for oil cartridges; I tried it out with a variety of tanks like the Hemp Bombs CBD oil cartridges as well as tanks from other oil vaporizers.

It’s a perfect match with the Hemp Bombs cartridges; it feels like they are made for each other. With tanks from another oil vape, it works as well as the original battery.

It is found that with oil, it works better on the bottom two settings; they provide a nice, smooth vapor. The green setting is a little harsh but it’s great if you want bigger clouds or you’re taking a huge rip.

The O.pen is not really great for wax vaping despite the wax setting. It never feels like it gets hot enough to vaporize the wax properly.

You’re better off getting a quality vape pen instead. The O.pen Vape Battery is an excellent battery for vaping oil. It works extremely well with both pre-filled cartridges and refillable cartridges and the rapid charging is a godsend for all the impatient vapors out there.

It’s easy to use, discreet, and convenient and is a good alternative to even the Best Oil Vaporizers. It’s not a great alternative to wax vaporizers but that’s hardly a deal-breaker considering all of its other top qualities.

The Good

Since it’s very little greater than a real pen, transporting the O.pen is simple. In the case of conveying the entire, gathered protest is excessively troublesome, it’s simple, making it impossible to unscrew the cartridge bit and convey everyone independently.

Also, a noteworthy favorable position of O.pen Vape’s pre-stacked vape cartridges is that they contain no bearer fluid, which implies that the measure of THC contained in the cartridge is as-promoted.

This makes it less demanding to both know the measure of THC being devoured, and enables you to make benchmarks for how much fluid THC admission is perfect for you, on the off chance that you don’t definitely know.  

Another major in addition to this is that O.pen Vape offers a lifetime guarantee.

The organization has some of the time yet not generally finished on giving new parts, so it might be a bet. Anyway, the offer is all around publicized, and any individual who’s sufficiently determined ought to get the new parts to which they’re entitled.

Since the O.pen is a standout amongst the most economical section focuses into concentrates, its drawbacks might be unimportant to those searching for a fundamental, reasonable item.

Be that as it may, clients who may have more cash to spend, look for flawless usefulness, and esteem dependability regardless of anything else will likely discover what they’re searching for in a more costly item.

By and large, the item is for a couple of particular socioeconomics, inside which it exceeds expectations.

The Bad

The cartridges themselves can’t be presented to more elevated amounts of warmth or chilly, as that can cause spilling. What’s more, if a portion of the think spills onto the pen itself, the pen can quit working.

This implies, in spite of the fact that the pen is compact, some perseverance must be paid to avoiding introduction to more extraordinary temperatures.

It’s additionally significant that at its center, the O.pen is basically the same as a standard e-cigarette. A similar item can basically be obtained from e-cigarette retailers at a comparable value point.

A few clients might be more open to obtaining their vape pen from a cannabis-particular retailer, or would just rather have an item expected for cannabis, so for them, the O.pen remains a practical item.

In any case, anybody shrewd to e-cigarette mechanics might have the capacity to locate a general more solid option at a similar cost.

At long last, most smokers need to know which season/strain they’re vaporizing. What’s more, tragically, the O.pen Vape makes that undertaking rather troublesome.

The flavors between indica, half and half, and sativa strains are about indistinct (in any event in California), and regularly accompany a trace of synthetic compounds.

In addition, we’ve regularly discovered the cartridges to just be ⅔ or ¾ full. That being said (and shockingly), we didn’t see any distinction in the high delivered by different strains, which means it’s fairly steady and solid.

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