Device Design

DaVinici Vaporizer’s design is solid. It is portable and pocket friendly. Its outlook is as strong and solid as it looks in the pictures and reviews. Its body is solid made from rubber. The rubber outlook provides a better grip to the users. The mouthpiece is plastic which makes it safe for vaping. It also comes with a longer mouthpiece which can be installed so that a person can put the vaporizer in the pocket and continue vaping hassle free. The device holds three buttons and a LED screen. The device is worth vapor’s attention as it is good on hands and is well structured.

Building Materials

It is known as the strongest vaporizer in the vapour market. The materials which are used to design is it are of highest quality. Unlike any other devices, the mouthpiece of DaVinci is not made of glass. Instead it is made of carbon fibre material which is solid. Therefore, the life of the mouthpiece is longer than average. Its rubber structure and body is so reliable that even if it falls from your hand or drops on the floor, there will not be any scratch on its body. Its price range is pocket friendly and it keeps up its reputation as per the price range. It also comes with a warranty that can be used by consumers in case of any defect and issue.

Items in the Box

Other than the device, there is a cleaning brush, a charger of 110v-240v, one flexible straw, three large screen replacement, six small screens, one snorkel straw, an instruction manual, two oil bottles, a quick start-up guide, and a temperature guide.



Using DaVinci vaporizer is simple and easy. The instalment of dry herbs or oil is obvious and easy to go. You can also manage the temperature of the device by following the temperature guide. New users can use it and figure it out even without user manual. However, the cleaning process is a bit difficult. There are two plates or screens which needs to be removed. One compartment can be uninstalled easily by unscrewing the first place easily. However, the other plate which is located at the bottom of the device is difficult to access. Therefore, it is difficult to uninstall. You can use the back of steel brush which comes with device. But if you can use a needle then it will be much easier to take out the second screen. This is the only thing which frustrate the users.

Battery Time

It can be used up to eight fills. However, battery time also depends on the usage of the device. It means that the battery time will not last a whole day. Therefore, the users have to carry on the charger if they want to use the device throughout the day.


The warming chamber is made of bronze.  It represents the gadget’s perfect taste. Bronze is used because its melting point is low. It makes it easy for the herbs to vaporize quickly. This guarantees no bronze deposit will be breathed in, even on long vape sessions. It likewise warms up decently fast; about a moment and half at medium temperatures. Clearly, warming circumstances are shorter for bring down temperatures and higher when pushed to the maximum.

Production and Performance

Vapor generation of the DaVinci is phenomenal. It is because of the great temperature control. The little screen on the front of the gadget demonstrates what temperature the unit is set to and offers exact tweaking, if necessary. The most extreme temperature of the gadget can achieve 405°F, which is phenomenal for a unit this size. In the case of vaping dry herb or oil concentrates, vapor quality is delicious and clean. No plastic delayed flavor impression can be recognized, regardless of whether the mouthpiece isn’t glass. By and large, the execution of this unit is up there with the best of them. Other, more costly, gadgets work better, however at the cost and size of the DaVinci, it’s a noteworthy bit of unit.

Auto shut-off feature

Because of prevalent request, the unit consequently stop following 10 minutes of dormancy. This will prompt a more drawn out battery life and abstain from overheating (if the unit sits too long with the warming unit turned on, it can get extremely warm). This lone turns off the warming component and not the ace power switch. Organicix figure the batteries will be useful for a 300 charge cycle before they begin losing the charge limit, however lifetime limit ought to be useful for around 2000 full charges. The guarantee on the battery is a half year (on whatever is left of the unit is a multi-year guarantee).

Safety services

Organicix is obviously experiencing a security confirmation process for the majority of its segments, however I haven’t seen if this has been allowed. All units are hand gathered and Organicix co-claims the Shenzhen plant that was fabricated particularly to make the Da Vinci. Having a proprietor with 20+ long stretches of involvement in the import/trade diversion should help with the greater part of the coordinations, and they have been attentive people. It looks just as administration, support, and contact are provoke, and client input followed up on.


While without the dribble factor of the convenient Pax, Da Vinci is anything but a terrible looker. It feels and performs positively, and warms up astoundingly well (consolidating exactness and speed). I think it settles on an extraordinary first decision open air compact vape in the event that you can disregard (or wouldn’t fret) the somewhat baffling top. Both draw and taste are great, and however I had it for just a brief time I’m sure it can be trusted to perform well finished the long haul.

Our Verdict

Pocket-sized and solid, the DaVinci Vaporizer is additionally a two-in-one gadget that can utilize both dry herbs and fundamental oils, yet not for e-fluids. It performs well, is attentive, solid, and has astounding temperature exactness.

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