8 Proper Storage and Preparation Tips for Cannabis Products

Currently, cannabis is becoming popular worldwide due to its medical properties. Many countries consider this plant legal as it helps in relieving several health issues. But for supply and distribution, it must be harvested, prepared, and stored well.

There is no expiration of cannabis, but proper storage will help it keep fresh for many years. It will lose its flavor and overall quality if you compromise with its storage. The CBD flower is quite delicate and must be adequately stored for transportation.

It is completely a long process to prepare CBD that can smoke. It is a must to keep those flowers in good condition so that the process of transforming them to weed will stay the same. This write-up will discuss proper storage and preparation tips for all cannabis-related products. You must know all the factors that can ruin its quality and know how to can make it well.

1.  Maintain the Ideal Temperature

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You can keep CBD flowers safe and fresh in a specific temperature range. In extreme conditions, it can easily degrade its quality. In extreme high temperatures, the bud terpenes diminish and completely dry the CBD buds. It can affect the smell, flavor, and quality. Before buying premium cannabis products from BiowellnessX, you must determine methods to store it.

Anyone who consumes such ruined quality will compromise his health. You might be thinking of keeping this ingredient at low temperatures. But again, it will degrade the quality of the cannabis. It is better to keep the range between 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If you go beyond 55 degrees, mold will develop on the flowers, and you cannot use them for smoke.

2.  Reducing the Light Exposure

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If you desire to store or transport cannabis from one location to another, you must take care of the light exposure. It needs to be reduced because UV rays can ruin the flowers. When you harvest the buds, you need to keep them in the dark area.

You can prefer keeping the flowers in dark containers or reducing the light in an area where you store them. You must use opaque or dark containers to avoid light entering inside and ruining the quality of cannabis. If you do not have dark containers, you can wrap them with dark tape.

3.  Minimize Air Exposure

When CBD comes in contact with oxygen, the degradation speed increases. When you store the flowers in an area completely exposed to oxygen, the petals and buds get dry out and lose their potency.

If you want to prevent air exposure, you need to keep CBD in airtight containers. When this ingredient is in contact with light and air, the amount of THC starts increasing. The excess level of THC is harmful to any person.

4.  Maintain Levels of Humidity

If you desire to keep CBD flowers fresh, you must maintain the level of humidity. If you store this ingredient in a highly-humid place, it can cause mold. But in the case of low level of humidity, the CBD buds can easily get dry and make it brittle.

You must know the ideal humidity range for storing this ingredient, i.e., 54% to 64%. If anyone store cannabis budsmin a low-humidity place, one can keep humidity packs to maintain its level. It is an expensive ingredient, and you cannot keep it in any random condition.

5.  Check the Ruined Cannabis


There is no use in processing degraded cannabis flowers because it can affect one’s health. You must know how to detect the bad ones. You need to keep them aside to avoid ruining other flowers when you detect them.

The degraded flowers will lose their taste, fragrance, flavor, and potency. If the flowers are dried and it is appearing like dust, then their quality is affected. If you observe a mold-like substance on the buds, then also the CBD flowers get ruined. No matter how you store it, you need to keep checking its quality.

6.  Avoid Keeping Cannabis in the Freezer and Refrigerator

You cannot keep dried CBD flowers in the refrigerator or freezer. When you keep this ingredient in a freezer, the buds will get frozen, the humidity levels will be high, and it will make the cannabis brittle. The covering of trichomes over the buds will start freezing, and it can also break it off.

It will reduce its flavor and degrade its quality. It will no longer work as a medicine. Therefore, it is better to avoid using freezers and refrigerators.

7.  Use Glass or Titanium Containers

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Many people avoid using metal containers for storing cannabis because it can change the flavor. It is better to opt for either glass or titanium containers to avoid loss of flavor. The glass ones are simple to break, and you must take care of them.

Ensure that the container should be airtight. The titanium ones are sturdy enough that they cannot be broken easily. It is easy to protect this ingredient without changing the flavor.

8.  Use Humidor

If anyone cannot maintain the levels of humidity, you can use special boxes, known as humidor for storage. These boxes are ideal for storing cigarettes, tobacco, marijuana, and such ingredients. You can prefer using the humidors that are specially designed for storing cannabis.

The wood container, also known as Cannador, is used for preserving four types of CBD strains. If you keep this ingredient in these containers, you can prevent cannabis from getting degraded.

Final Thoughts

If you desire to store cannabis for future use or transport it to other dealers, you must follow all the mentioned tips. It is essential to do necessary preparations, like maintaining temperature, humidity, moisture, etc. You must consider all the storage options that keep all cannabis products safe and long-lasting for many years.

If you keep it safe, you can use it without worrying about the expiry date. These tips are pretty helpful, and you must try them to save the money that you have spent on cannabis. CBD flowers are delicate, and you must determine methods to store them properly to avoid damage.