8 Tips for Caring for your Vape Pen Battery – 2024 Guide

Once you buy a vape pen, you need to keep in mind that it is necessary to maintain the device. Only in that way, the vape pen will work properly, and also you can expect to use it for a much longer time. In case you do not pay attention, the elements of the device can start damaging before they should. One of the many things you need to consider is how to take care of your pen vape battery. There are many tips that would help you to prolong the vape pen battery life and at the same time get the most out of the device.

In that way, you will also improve your experience with the vape pen because a safe and effective vape pen will provide maximum performance and avoid any risk of damaging your device. In this article, we prepared tips for using vape pen batteries properly and how to maintain them. With a few simple vape pen battery caring tips, you will significantly extend the life of your pen. Many people are not even aware of the fact that small tips such as keeping the battery out of extreme heat or using the correct charger for the battery can make a huge difference.

1. You Should Keep Your Vape Pen Battery Fully Charged

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When you see that the light on your vape pen battery starts to flash red, you should know that it is a sign for recharge. What you should do at that point is pretty simple. You need to connect the vape pen battery to the charger and then insert it into a USB port on a computer or into any other electronic device that you have. After that, you will notice that the light on the battery started to illuminate, which means that the battery is simply charging up. When you see that the light on the battery is green, the battery is fully charged and you can use your device. If the feature such as speed of charging is an important factor to you, then you should find some high voltage options that have 15 minutes rapid charge mode.

2. Regularly clean the Vape Pen Battery Contacts

One of the most essential factors about properly maintaining your battery in order to prolong its life is cleaning the contact of the battery. As time pass, small amounts of e-liquid and different debris from the pockets can be accumulated in the screw part of the battery. If you look closely, you can even notice that there is a green-colored build-up around your battery screw. This means that debris reacted with the battery and this was the result. However, if you regularly clean the battery content you will avoid the occurrence of this scenario. You should find some good way to get into the habit of regularly cleaning this.

For instance, every time you put the battery on a charge you can clean the battery contact quickly. In that way, nothing will be accumulated such as debris. In many cases, clients return their devices to the store because the vape pen stopped working and after a good cleaning, the device starts to work properly again. Therefore, every time you want to clean the battery contact, just take a part of dry tissue paper or some cotton wool and wipe both the outside and the inside of the screw part of the battery. Keep in mind to never use water to clean your vape pen battery!

3. Do Not Forget To Keep Batteries Out of Sunlight and Other Extreme Temperatures

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People often forget about this factor, however, it is incredibly important to keep the battery away from high temperatures. Whatever type of battery you are using for your vape pen, exposing it to extreme temperatures can lead to a very dangerous outcome. Therefore, keep your battery device out of direct contact with the sunlight. Additionally, very cold temperatures are not good either.

4. First Mark Your Batteries So You Know When It Is Time For Replacement

One of the very clever things that some customers are doing is marking the date when they purchased the vape pen battery. In that way, they can keep tracking the life of the battery and they will never forget the date when it is purchased. Moreover, if you see that your battery is getting older and you think that it needs replacement, buy a new one and avoid the unpleasant scenario of seeing your battery is already ruined.

5. Never Overcharge Your Vape Pen Battery

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As we said at the beginning, you will know when it is time to charge your battery – when you see the red light on the device. However, after you see that the battery is fully charged you should take it off the charger immediately. If you are keeping your battery plugged in longer than it should, it can cause deterioration. This counts for every type of battery, whether it is a standard one, or the led one.

6. It is necessary to Store Your Vape Pen Batteries Carefully

Storing your vape pen battery in the supplied case is very important. You can even consider putting the battery in a small zip wallet. Therefore, even though you are not using the device, you can be peaceful that it is clean, protected, and safe.

7. Turn Off The Device When You Are Not Using It

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Almost all vape pen devices are having an on and off button function. Therefore, you can prevent accidentally activating the device when it is in a bag or in your pocket. This feature is created for safety reasons. However, this feature can also preserve the battery’s life. It is a very wise decision to use these buttons. So, turn your device off every time you are not using it by pressing the off. If the battery will flash three times to indicate that it has been turned on or off. You will notice that with this simple trick your battery in the device is performing better and it also last longer.

8. Find the Reliable Vape Pen Device

Note that the battery in the device can not be quality, and you still can not have a good performing device and get adequate experience while vaping if you do not have a quality device. Therefore, it is very important to primarily purchase the vape pen device from credible and reputable sources. Only in that way, you can be sure that your device is worth it. If you are interested you can check some of the top-rated vape pen devices from credible and reliable pcktvapor.com

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