Here is Why You Need A Wax Vape Pen [Don’t Smoke if You Don’t Read this]

Belonging from the 90’s era, we had always smoked cigarettes and marijuana in a form of the flower only, but never realised that in the beginning of the 21st century we would be introduced to a new way inhaling these things. Vaping has now replaced smoking, and is considered a classy and moderate way!

Since Vaping had become the talk of the town, many types of it came out; there isas a whole history attached to it. Trying it, I used a Wax Vape pen. The result were amazing and I would definitely opt for it now.

These vape pens consist of the use of the concentrate particles of the marijuana that are stored in an oil form, which in result become hard in time. It is believed that THC level remains the same even after being changed in to wax. We fill the wax in the cartridge that heats it up and enables us to take it in by vaping it and getting the exact same effects.

I can list numerous of reason to support it, for instance.



Our first priority is our health, but if we are smoking, we are sabotaging it for our temporary soothing of the mind. Vape pens are found to be safer than smoking cigarettes, strange. Well the difference here is the process of burning and heating. Burning cannabis creates smoke, which goes into your lung and affects it. Whereas vaping is only heating it up which does not make smoke and gives you its benefits. Not saying that smoking does not give you the same affects but can cause you to face health issues.

Cheaper for the pockets:

Well, if we smoke the raw form of marijuana. Other than investing in the flower, we need the things to smoke it. Investing in a vape is smarter than spending money everyday or for a week. Buy a vape that comes in your budget and get the wax to re fill it or buy few cartridges from the local medical store or a place that has it. It is like three in one, healthier, easy and cheap. You do not have to go through a lot of hassle to get the vape pens you can get them online.

Easy and efficient:

If you are in a hurry or some place where it is notsuitable to light up, then you should keep wax vape pens. These pens are like an on go thing, they are small and you can carry them with you anywhere, portable. In addition, with one click you can start without wasting any time. Moreover, with that you can do other things while vaping and easily switch it off.


E-cigarette and Vape pens are similar in looking but the only difference is one is for cannabis. They are small, and made in a plastic form or metal for which wont mess up your bag or pocket. You can carry it anywhere you need it. It is a size of your palm and can be hidden easily if needed.


Mostly people state that while burning cannabis, it tastes like burned popcorn, which is not pleasing for them, but I think burned popcorn is amazing! Anyways, so I do not agree to that, it tastes like burned leaves…

I think I am strange, but coming back to the taste, vaporizing is not burning any of it so it just automatically has no bad taste and has a good flavour, its own one though.


Well, yes smell. There is no sort of smell that is left behind, so it is another plus point. Mostly people worry about the smell. People vaporizing wax can easily walk around without being pointed out to be THAT girl or anything and you cannot sit people and give explanations. So for all the girls out there not wanting people to question you, you can switch to these pens with the other benefits you can get with it.

Different colours:

All of us like things that come in different colours, it just become more attractive. You can find so many different shades of blue, green, red, yellow and pink. It depends on the stores you visit, and the colours they offer you. Black too is in the list. Lucky for the people who are gaga over this colour.

Charging options:

We can understand that these pens are understandably working on battery hence it needs to be charged.  The battery life may last for some sessions, so the pen has an option of a USB to charge it, and since the technology is rising, we have so many ways of charging it. We can charge the pen by our laptops and chargers. Though now we have cars too, the charging outlet is built in.

There are no specific brands I go for a vape but the range is between $15- $200. Therefore, the quality varies between both these numerical. The more the better but you can get good ones in the mid value too. Therefore, it is all about good re search.

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