CBD Vape Oil

Cannabidiol or CBD is the major component found in the cannabis plant. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the other infamous molecule but CBD is termed as the non-psychoactive ingredient. This means that one is not expected to go “high” with CBD but this component is found to be medically very important. Cannabinoid (CBD) has taken the […]

10 Best Vape Tank for 2019

1) Uwell Crown 3 (Best Sub-Ohm Tank Overall): Well, the Unwell Crown came out I 2015, and it was a beast. People still use it until now but the Unwell Crown upgraded into two&three. Which is an obvious mean proves that the crown three might be better than the other two. This version is known […]

10 Cheap Vape Juices you Would LOVE to have

The previous year was an exciting year for vaping and for its users. There were several false myths actually regarding vaping, but it was accepted largely that vaping is the safest way to quit the smoking addiction. As the world has accepted vaping, the previous year was considered as the most exciting year also in […]

Best Vape Pen Battery for 2019

A right battery plays a pivotal role in serving you with best vaping experience. A battery is like an engine to a vape and in order to enjoy those rich tasty clouds, you need a battery that is not only long lasting but powerful too.The three most important things you should consider are output, capacity […]

Best Wax, Dab and THC Vape Pens for 2019

WHAT ARE VAPE PENS? To provide a clear concept about what these devices are, the THC Vape pens are just like dry herb vaporizers. They are also known as Dab pens, Weed pens, and Wax pens. They consist of two components on which the whole functioning of the pens relies on A battery A tank […]

Cheap Vape Pens for Dry Herbs, Wax and Oil

We have grown past old cigarettes and cigars. With the technological advancement, the cigarettes have changed into vapes. These new e-cigarettes are also known as vaporizers. But with the new change, it does not really mean that you should spend thousands on this new technology. There are both kinds available in the market, the extreme […]