4 Best Vape Pen Starter Kit Options in 2021


Science has made a number of advancements in terms of various technologies and developments of old things. A number of devices have been made in order to replace old traditional stuff like cigarettes. To smoke out the vapors from your mouth, a new advancement and modification have been made in the old typical cigarettes, which are known as a vaporizer or in other words vape. Vaporizers have been designed in various forms, but the most stylish and sleek form of vaporizers is vape pens. The exterior body of these vaporizers looks like a slim and stylish pen, whereas the inner body of it possesses all the chambers and compartments that are present in any other device of vaporizers. Initially, these vape pens were designed in such a way that they give a close resemblance to cigarettes, but later on, they used to produce more resemblance with pens. Vaporizer pens are operated with the help of a battery, which is adjusted on the top of tanks, also known as atomizers. This atomizer possesses a heating coil system inside it. The mechanism of action of this vapor pen is quite simple. First of all, you have to add up the nicotine-containing liquid into the chamber, placed over the top of this device, and then turn on the device with the power button. The battery itself will get operated and it will start up the heating system present within the coil. In this way, vapors will start to form up, and they will be evaporated out possessing small droplets of nicotine liquid in it.

According to some of the recent researches, British health officials have observed and searched out, that vaping is at least 95% safer as compared to smoking cigarettes. However, it is also a fact that these vaporizers cause addiction to nicotine, but it is comparatively safer than smoking. Smoking attacks directly on your lungs, while vaporizers do not. Although, vaping is not 100% safe, as compared to smoking cigarettes, it reduces the chances of harmful effects on your body.

According to some of the recent research reports, even cannabis users have observed to be switching over vaporizers, in order to avoid harmful effects of combustion and addiction of drugs.

Vaporizers have been developed, to support numerous types and forms of drugs in it. For example, different types of vape pens have been made to support combustion of drugs in the form of dried herbs, wax, volatile liquids, non-volatile liquids etc. Vape pens containing dried herbs to be combusted in the form of vapors possess a heating chamber to vaporize your herb.

When vaporizer pens were started to be developed initially, they were made in the form of cigarettes, and they actually looked like electronic cigarettes, but soon after, the manufacturer tried to make more advancements and modifications in this technology, for this purpose, they tried to insert more powerful and bigger batteries in their structure, due to which the vaporizers also started to have bigger features, therefore, the appearance of these vaporizers started to look more like a pen rather than cigarettes. These vape pens are used for combusting vape juice, dry herbs and wax.



This type of pen vaporizer is the best selection for beginners, and also pro vapers as well. The most important and major benefits that this pen vape kit provides you, are the provision of 2 vape pens, 3 coil heads, and 2 tanks. The product comes in an extremely portable size. The main feature of this type of vaporizer is that it combines the flavor, with plumes of vapor all in a small, affordable package. The whole kit can be bought only worth $45. It can also be adjusted according to your vaping style i.e. whether you want the vapors to go directly into your lungs or the other setting is known as MTL style.


If you are looking for a device, that is free from all the hassles of filling liquid, heating up of coil, and other types of hurdles that might between you and your vaping process, then JUUL is the solution for you. The product comes along with cartridges, that only have to be filled inside the pen chamber and you are ready to smoke it out. It is the pod-style vaping technique that is free from difficulties like other vaporizers possess. JUUL is a type of vaporizer, that is not only effective in terms of its vaping techniques but also, it comes in a very small size, probably the same size as a USB stick. The pods that are provided along with the device just has to be inserted and they are ready to be vaped on.


JoytecheGo AIO ECO is a type of vaporizer that is mostly preferred by new beginners and who wants to switch from smoking to vaping. But it is also recommended to the professional vapers, as it possesses some of the remarkable features like the presence of a 650 mAh powered battery, which almost doubles the total span of battery life. It also contains the settings of the Mouth-to-Lung system of vaping. The tank of this device holds up to 1.2 mL of e-liquid and runs on 0.5-ohm coil heads. The device is also associated with a top-fill system that is easy to be refilled, while the additional feature that this device contains is the presence of LED lights which can be customized accordingly.


The Innokins Endura Series is one of the best types of vaporizers that are available in the market. People usually prefer such devices; because of their additional features of providing a coil that pops in, and do not need to be screwed in. the device also provides a system of mouth to lung draw, and thus acts perfectly for the beginners who have just started using vaporizers. The battery is provided in two different types of powers i.e. 15oo or 2000 mAh. It also utilizes two different types of tanks, one of them is around 0.8-ohm and the other one is up to 1.6-ohm.

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